Friday, December 31, 2010

resolutions and plans...

so looking back at my 2010 goals:
for 2010 i have a few more "specific" goals...
1. lose weight/get healthy -- did not happen like i would have liked...
2. scrap lots -- no specific numbers, but i did a lot of scrapping!
3. travel more -- eh...i am disappointed i only left town 3 times (yes, one was a week long, but i need more!)
4. finish certification -- my part is finished, now it is waiting on webster to finish their part
5. stay positive -- until the end of december i was doing ok, lol...
6. be a better blogger -- NOT

and then here is what i hope to accomplish in 2011:
1. eat less/move more
2. scrap a lot
3. travel more
4. get a certified teaching job!
5. stay positive
6. be a better blogger

(i do not change a lot, do i? LOL)

toodles :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a wonderfully white Christmas!

i loved it -- we had snow for Christmas!! it was probably close to 4 inches or so!!

friday we did our "new" tradition of having dinner with meghan's family :) then going to the children's christmas service -- meghan was an angel, the angel gabriel in fact, and said her lines perfectly! she was so cute in the costume, as were all the kids! i will post pictures at some point...need to upload from my camera! opened gifts when we got home -- i got some gift cards, a polaroid camera, shoes, a sock monkey, and a ton of teacher goodies from my godparents...

saturday was sleeping in...and the only thing we did was go to my brother's house for dinner...roads were fine (even his unplowed city street)...

today was a relaxing day...i worked on getting my room cleaner...watched 3 harry potter films while i worked -- they kept me moving!! i still have a lot to do, but it is better than it was!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Luke 2
Jesus came for all of us.
He came as a tiny baby,
born in a stable,
placed in a manger by his virgin mother.
Shepherds and Wise Men came to see Him.
The angels told of His birth.
The birth was foretold hundreds of years
before by the Old Testament prophets.

His birth affects us all.
He came of all of us.

Happy birthday, Jesus.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Studio Calico Wishlist

One of the kit clubs I belong to, Studio Calico, is hosting a wish list here is my Studio Calico wish list!

1) Jenni Bowlin Chili Powder ink pad
2) Any of the Mister Huey mists!! Love the white, and I am afraid I will use it all up!
3) Large Circle Border Punch -- THANK YOU, BARB!
4) Noah alphabet stamps

Monday, December 20, 2010

7 years ago

Seven years ago today, on her 61st birthday, an angel was born.
My mother, Ellen, passed away.
It was a scary and sad night.
We mourned for our loss, yet we rejoiced that she was with Jesus.
Her funeral was on Christmas Eve.

Our lives were enriched because of her.
She was a teacher to many (at schools where many would never have taught).
She was a mother of two; a wife of one (for life).
She was a friend to everyone she met.

She touched our lives for a short while.
She touched our hearts forever.

I miss her.
I miss her voice.
I wish I had a tape or video so I could listen to her voice one more time.

Record yourself for your family.
Have your photo taken.
Journal and tell the stories you want to share.
You never know when your days are going to be over.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

less than a week!

I am excited for Christmas...

I am excited to see the children's program come together so wonderfully on Friday evening...

I am excited to see what people think about the gifts I chose for them...

I am excited to place baby Jesus in the manger on the nativity set...

I am excited for time off work to relax, play, and clean (yes, I am even excited for the cleaning!)...

I am excited to finish the giving tree at church and take the goodies to the Ronald McDonald House...

I am excited for Christmas...


Thursday, December 16, 2010


well, last night at church we heard some was freezing rain, but the main roads were surprisingly okay...we turned onto our street and everything went to hell! my dad was fishtailing down the hill!!!! there was a guy in a truck STUCK partway up the hill -- he couldn't even get turned around, so he went in reverse down to the next cul-de-sac so he could turn around & head home...mason is parked in our driveway -- trying to keep his jeep safe! my dad almost hit it, so we made sure to tell mason to move it from the street...

no school today (thankfully!) as the roads are so icy -- some highways are closed due to accidents...police cars were going off the road...crazy times!! if the sun comes out we will be awesome and good to go, we just need the sun!!

icy toodles!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry almost Christmas!

Christmas is almost here...the wrapping is happening...I think I am even finished with my shopping!! My dad has been an on-line shopper -- so proud of him!

Christmas practice at church has been fun to watch -- Meghan is an angel this year and gets all the fun (and challenging) lines...the littlest kids (my class, lol) are not the best at their lines, but a few know it, and they are carrying the rest of them! I have been going through it with them on Sunday mornings in class, but I know some are working on it at home, too...

I have not yet done a card, but I think I am going to do a letter -- that way I can share a couple pictures, like graduation, Yellowstone, and student teaching!

Hoping for a snow day!

Toodles :)

Friday, December 03, 2010

happy early birthday to me!

my wonderful dad gave me my birthday gift early...a new camera!! yay!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

sick & tired...

sick with a cold (getting better) and tired of working on the seminar project -- especially when i go from praise on one section to flat out criticism on the


Sunday, November 28, 2010

a week...

i know, bad blogger!

this past week was my final observation -- seminar is finished this coming friday, and with it, the turning in of the entire teacher work sample...i will be very happy come friday when i am finished with student teaching, but i will be sad to be leaving the kids i have worked with for the past 16 weeks...

wednesday was an early release at school, and the traditional lunch at hunan royale with mary beth & meghan! meghan & i also went to the mall after lunch...

thursday we spent thanksgiving dinner with my godparents -- as we have every year since my mom passed is fun to see the kids growing up year to year...

friday was baking for saturday's cookies with santa party! good food, good friends, fun times...

sunday, today, was church & sunday school & church decorating...and sitting at home being sick. i hate being sick. i am already tired of this cold, and it is only the first day!! gr!! but, i feel okay, just "off"....

oh well!
toodles :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

9 days...


last week was busy in some ways, and not much in others...i spent a day doing observations (i am done with my intensives)...homework has been getting done...time was spent with friends & family...a baby shower was given (and the baby born!) & laundry & mad science have filled my days...and HARRY POTTER came out, so that was a wonderful night out!!

just about 8 days left of student teaching, then back to will be hard leaving & getting back into the swing of things at work, but i miss being there (and the paycheck)...

less than a month until my birthday...a tiny bit over a month until christmas...and a bust weekend coming with thanksgiving & a cookies with santa party...

life is so nice.


Friday, November 12, 2010

for Barb...

enjoy a horseshoe!

don't spill your diet dr. pepper!

enjoy everything you do today because...

it's your birthday!!!!

have a wonderful one!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

life comes quickly...

so life is moving quickly -- less than a month until i am finished with student teaching!! i am basically finished with my intensive time, so i am a lot more relaxed...however, i am now going to be doing observations and finishing up my teacher work sample...i also need to send off for transcripts and get fingerprinted again for the state...then, come january or february i will have my certification/license number!! woohoo!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

sunday loves

what a wonderful sunday...

* getting an extra hour of sleep because of daylight savings time
* sunday school with four little angels
* lunch at chevy's with meghan
* wandering ben franklin while meghan found candy and silly bandz to buy
* snoozing at home
* christmas movies on hbo

what a life!

Saturday, November 06, 2010


so it took them awhile to get to my car, but i got an oil change, a front-end alignment, new wiper blades, and topped off leaks found, and now the troublesome light is out -- so it was just a low fluid level making the sensor go wonky...

spent the afternoon with meghan -- went to hobby lobby, target, a craft fair, and out to she is laying down ready for bed on the couch, and i am heading to bed soon, too, to take advantage of the extra hour of sleep!!!

toodles :)

Friday, November 05, 2010

car issues

my car is being a pain in the tomorrow it is going to dobbs for a checkup...hope everything ends up okay (or fixable on the cheap!!)


Wednesday, November 03, 2010


intensives are almost over -- i hand the reigns back to my cooperating teacher -- i get my life back a little more -- this isn't as "difficult" as some try to make it sound...but the no pay is what is such a killer!! aren't we all motivated by something? right now i am motivated by not much of anything (it would be very hard to fail at this point)...a paycheck would be wonderful!!

anyone know of a middle school language arts job opening soon????


Tuesday, November 02, 2010


So I voted today -- as I have in every election since I turned 18. That year was a presidential election -- 1 month BEFORE my birthday...however, since then I have gone every time and voted.

I hope you all voted, too!!

toodles :)

Monday, November 01, 2010

wonderful days...

so recently i have:

1) received my awesome replacement lunchbox
2) received the Teresa Collins kits i ordered to make up for her having to cancel the event in springfield (so not her fault :( )
3) received an incredible harry potter swap package

4) won a fun book called "The Geometry of Pasta" from Suzie the Foodie
5) gotten almost caught up on grading
6) had wonderful observation notes from my professor/observer
7) gotten to sleep in on saturday

what a life!!

toodles :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

awesome service!

so i posted last sunday...and then i emailed the lady back about my lunchbox -- and thursday i had a brand new lunchbox waiting when i got home from work!!! cosmoda has wonderful service (just go through the email address listed, not the contact form)...what a wonderful experience!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good & Bad....

Customer service that is!!!

I have had a string of very pleasant customer service lately...

1) a lost scissor tip cover was replaced for free (Tonic Studios)
2) a replacement part & detailed instructions (with photos) was sent when my Bind-it-All broke
3) I have been able to make no questions asked returns to Target & Lane Bryant for torn clothing items
4) I have been promised a replacement lunch box (less than a year old) -- I hope this pans out because they seem to be quality products...I will keep you posted!!

for close to a year I have been emailing with October Afternoon (a company that makes totally adorable scrapbook products)...I had an issue with some stickers, so I emailed them and was told I would be receiving a replacement product...after 3 months I emailed again and was told they did not have my address (which they did) I emailed them back right away...another 3 months later when I still had heard nothing, I emailed again and have yet to receive a reply to the email (to the address on their website)...that was in July! I just emailed them back to register my disappointment in their customer relations...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Top Ten

I thought I would try something different this blog post...inspired by my friend Lauren, I am going to post some of the great things that have happened today (or at least recently, lol)

1. celebrating the life and death of an 86 year-old man at my church -- always friendly and wonderful to everyone

2. having every single student get a good grade on their last spelling test (78%-100%)

3. the miners in Chile are coming to the surface! woo!!

4. listening to 4 year-old children tell me about their Halloween costumes (every week, a 15 minute discussion at the start of Sunday school)

5. getting last week's spelling sentences all graded before collecting this week's!

6. getting back into reading -- since Saturday I have read 3 books and started a 4th

7. finding my zebra print shoes under the bed :)

8. finishing the majority of my "to do" list this past weekend -- including finishing all of the laundry on Saturday!!

9. having Halloween candy in the house for quick chocolate fixes

10. having 2 brand new scrapbook kits that have arrived in the past few days -- I can hardly wait for the chance to scrap this weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

crazy days!

i began my intensive today...for those of you unfamiliar with the student teaching process (or the way webster words thing), my intensive is when the room is ALL MINE! a scary prospect, but i was very pleased with how today went...

other than student teaching, not a lot else is happening...i need to make some cards & get working on a swap package...that is it...

life is crazy.

life is exhausting.

life is good!

toodles :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

camera death

my digital camera is dead :( well, the screen is still took the last photo i wanted it to...i think i will just buy some film for now & ask for a new camera for christmas (actually 2 since i want a polaroid as well)....

well, life has been busy with grading & planning & class & work & scrapbooking & now mad science is going to creep in again...


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

happy 5th, buddy!

happy birthday to my pal, keoki!! i hope it was a wonderful day!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

prayers for lauren!

my pal lauren is in SUDAN and going to be teaching there!! such an exciting part of her life is here (well, there)...please keep her in your prayers for safety & health!

Friday, August 27, 2010

bad blogger!

i know, i have been a horrid blogger lately...

but, student teaching is going well. :)

today was a very productive day -- student teaching (including a magazine assembly) and then class at webster...since i have been home i have cleaned, sorted laundry, baked a cake, and built a robot so exciting!! :)

not much else to there anything any of you readers want to know about my student teaching?? post a question & i will answer (as best i can due to confidentiality & such)...

tomorrow is VBS in the morning followed by some friends coming over to be crafty...

sunday i get to SLEEP!! :)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back to the grind

orientation & 3 days of meetings for my pay job (which i head back to in december)...2 days of meetings & planning with student teaching...students start tomorrow...i am wiped out from all the meetings!! however, i was looking at class lists today & helping with seating charts & checking out what level our kids were at, and one of the names looked familiar, so we looked the child up on the computer system the school is a child i had in my class when i was teaching PRESCHOOL!! not sure if they will remember me, lol, but i sure remember them!!

nothing much else of interest happening...hoping to get some scrapping time soon -- FKS is doing a friday night crop & a 12 hour on saturday the weekend of september 25 if any of my local scrapping buddies are interested!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

back to it...

it must be mid-august...i am back to waking up at 5 am...maybe this will help how cruddy i have been sleeping lately!!

this past weekend i got to spend a lot of time with meghan (which was good since we were both weirdly busy at times this summer & barely saw each other) -- we went & saw "ramona & beezus" on saturday & i loved it!! same emotion & humor & fun as the books i loved when i was little :) sunday was a trip to the arch!! woo!! finally!

now, just trying to get myself moving enough to get ready for work. today is orientation, then comes 3 days of meetings for my paid job, then 2 days for my student teaching...then right into working with the students while student teaching!! back to the paid job come december...


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

We have a winner on my Wednesday Rain post!!

I put # 1-8 in a random # generator & it spit out #8 -- and the #8 post was from Danielle!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

bargain monday!

REMINDER: go to my Wednesday Rain post & comment for your chance to win!! I will be picking on July 29th around 6pm...

today was full of good bargains for me -- some even more than i expected!!

this is the laptop sleeve i got today at tuesday morning -- it is a case logic that retails for $25 and i got it for $12
here are the books i bought at borders -- both were $7, and i saved 40% on border's coupons!!
free movie rental!! for a week!! from the library ;)
the cool shoes i got at payless! they were on clearance...they rang up $11, but they were in a box marked $7, so she did a price override & i got them for $7!! original price was $20
then i went to office max and got all this and saved $10 with a coupon from my payless receipt!! i need to go back & exchange my post-it tags -- i want the smaller size ones, and thought that is what i had grabbed...oh well!
my savings at old navy! the cami & sweater in the front were regular price, the back 2 (a yellow peasant-type shirt & a corally colored cardigan) were both on clearance...i pulled out my college id because there was a sign up that students & teachers saved 25%...the sign should have been down (it ended yesterday), but they girl still gave me the discount since the sign was up!! woo!!
my free goodies at trader joe's (using a gift card)
food from wapango -- i had a $50 gift card for there that i had gotten free...i wanted to just buy something for dinner tonight, but the guy working was like "you can't have a balance on the gift card, so if you don't use it, then it is lost" i bought three meals!! lunch & dinner for the next couple days, lol...but it smells delicious!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wednesday rain

i am tired of rain now...i am glad i am not having to water the plants, but storms every day is getting old...i am tired of finding little dirty paw prints, and i am tired of the dish being wonky because it is raining in the next town over (why have dish for tv when everything else is on charter??)....but, what is nice with the dish being weird is that i am getting a lot of movies watched!!

today was a scrappy morning (finished 5 12x12 layouts) and then church in the evening...

tomorrow is going to be more scrappy time & babysitting...

nothing else to report on the home front, so i hope everyone is doing well!!

btw, i think yesterday was my 800th post!! woo!! in honor of that, COMMENT on this post & i will come up with something fun to mail to the winner!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


today was another day with mad science -- and i got to play with dry ice!!

the 75 cent word for the dry ice workshop is SUBLIMATION, or the change in the state of matter from a solid to a gas (like dry ice does)...lots of fun watching fog form, watching bubbles come out of a flask, and cooling water with dry ice in hopes of seeing the color change on the special thermalcolor cups we hand out! we also used dry ice to freeze some water & to make loud squeaky noises, lol...

other than that, today started as a super wet morning, and now it is hot & sunny out...i am enjoying the a/c and scrapbooking while watching i am at 3 pages and counting!! i love being this productive, but i certainly miss scrapping with my friends!!

toodles :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

scrappers throwdown!

here is the july sketch & my interpretation of it...another month, another try...not sure i will ever "win," but i also am not in it to win it -- i am not campaigning (i don't think anyone is, but there could be, lol), i usually never vote...oh well! another page done from my trip to yellowstone!

in other news on the home front -- i brought my scrap stuff yesterday -- i have completed 3 jenni bowlin project kits, started another, finished a halloween mini book i started awhile ago (found other pictures to use), and have created 3 12x12 pages! woohoo!!

happy week!

toodles :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


summer school has ended (yesterday in fact) & now i am house sitting...the dogs are being good & the pond & turtles & fish are all behaving, too :) the next 2 weeks will be full of scrapbooking (probably a lot of the teton trip will get finished) and movies...

in about a month i will be back to work -- happy about that -- i will have 3 days of meetings then i will go onto unpaid leave and be student teaching! i am nervous about the student teaching...not sure if it is the unpaid aspect of it all or not knowing what to expect with the students & teachers i will be working with...but come december, i will be able to start job hunting for a certified position & be back at work where i know everyone and what is happening...i am very happy about that!!!

last weekend i drove to omaha (all by myself!) and had a great time with friends, talking about our dana days and visiting the campus...i did not get to spend as much time with bev as i would have liked, but maybe i will go back again soon :)

other than that, there is not much going on in my life right now...i need to get another link up for my friend lauren -- she just started a blog and is going to be teaching in SUDAN! how exciting!!!

hope everything is looking good :)

Monday, July 05, 2010

sneak peek for a card swap i am in!

i am doing a card swap with some friends (carole, monica, barb, nancy, & tina)...

we had one with a sketch & one with an inspiration photo/ad (you can find these on monica's blog)...

here are mine, all ready to go...

first is the little tag i stamped (stampin' up) for each pair of cards...
all the sets ready to go...
my inspiration photo card -- i loved the pink/brown combo & the triangles of the ice cream cones...used MM pink cosmo paper...
my sketch card...tim holtz stamp, BG porcelain papers...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

so sad & angry...

i found out tonight, like many other alumni, that Dana College was not approved for accreditation after its buyout attempt...and, after being told that today, the board of regents decided that the college would be closing -- now -- there is no 2010-2011 college year at Dana anymore...i am guessing we will be hearing and learning more in the coming days, but this is such a sad time...

i made many of my best friends at dana...i learned so much there that i use regularly...i experienced things i never thought i would have the chance to -- and gained the courage to go off and do more...dana has always been a part of my life -- my parents met there & graduated from there in 1964 (2 days after they got married, in fact)...

the urge to drive to blair and just sit on the hill is very strong right now -- this makes me miss nebraska -- maybe i will have to road trip soon for one last hoorah...

Oh, hail, fair Dana, hail to thee; though time thy walls may claim, thy spirit live another throng; rise up and sing your song.
Dana College, 1884-2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

scrappers throwdown!

every month FKS (see side link) does a "scrappers throwdown" where you follow a sketch & enter your page...each month one of the store designers also does a page...then, for the first week of the month, every time you make a purchase you can vote on which page should win! so, i have been trying to do this each month, and i just finished my page for june (it is due wednesday!!) it is in all its backward glory from using photo booth, lol

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer is here...

i think the high today was almost 100..heat index was probably home our a/c locked up (it got too hot!!) it is work the a/c is not working to its full is about 82 in the room...i just pray nothing happens to our kids who have seizures & can be affected by the heat!!

tomorrow is a busy day: work, post office, library, drop off at cardinal glennon, church...all in the heat!!

sweaty toodles to all!

Monday, June 21, 2010


the weather channel is saying 101 for tomorrow...and that is BEFORE the humidity!! lots of inside time tomorrow & the coming days! this might end up being a LONG summer if the heat is starting now...

back to tetons/yellowstone reporting...

* we left on saturday -- drove about 24 hours & arrived on sunday...
* monday was our first hike, in the rain, and our group did a little over 4.5 miles...and all at 6000+ feet in elevation
* tuesday our group did bird banding in the morning (so cool!) and then hiked...i am guessing 3-4 miles...again at 6000+ elevation
* wednesday our group did our challenge hike -- 5.6 miles!! we hiked the granite canyon area of tetons national park...we climbed a huge rock & marveled at everything
* thursday we headed to yellowstone & saw a momma elk & her baby
* friday we explored the area around old faithful & the norris hot springs area
* saturday was the "grand canyon" of yellowstone & then starting home...arrived home on sunday...

it has been a little over a week since i arrived home & i am recovered was an awesome time & i will share more if you want me to...


Thursday, June 17, 2010

more trip pictures

me in front of old faithful -- it is an awesome sight to see!
we climbed a huge rock...i made it...i cried...i did not die...
the grand tetons -- named for a french term for you didn't know that!!
the cool soap at mammoth hot springs in yellowstone -- the hole reduces the wasted soap....
at artist's point in yellowstone looking across the grand canyon of yellowstone at the lower falls...then we hiked to the top of the falls...

Friday, June 04, 2010

tomorrow, tomorrow!

tomorrow i head out on an adventure of epic proportions -- a little over a week with middle schoolers in wyoming!! we take a charter bus and spend about 4 days at the tetons science school near jackson then head to yellowstone for 3-4 days!! it should be very interesting, but even more fun!!!

i might have some internet access while i am gone, and i will attempt to blog while i am gone :)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

photo time

i now have some graduation photos from barb (THANKS!) so i will post a couple...first is me with my diploma (cover), can you see how my hood is all over my shoulder? it was SO windy!!...then it is me & my friends tina & barb...i am sad because i did not get a photo with my dad! but, since i get to keep the cap & gown & everything, maybe we will stage a photo shoot -- then i can get my brother in a pic, too!

btw, i am going to put together a little something to send to MARY JO as she was my only comment last time! Mary Jo, email me your addy & i will mail or bring something by :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i am such a slacker, i know! i would post graduation photos, but the ones my dad took are not all that hot, so i am hoping to get the ones that barb & tina took (hint!!!)

mad science is finished for the semester, not sure if i will be doing any summer camp times or not...will be working summer school (meeting tomorrow night on that)...going to the grand tetons/yellowstone with a bunch of middle school sitting later in the summer...not much else, just waiting to find out more on student teaching for this fall...

lots of scrapping happening lately...and i found a box of photos (some of my brother, a ton of me, and some of both of us or my parents) so i am a happy scrapper!!

open house was fun :) i need to get going on thank you notes!!! maybe i will take those to work on before the meeting tomorrow...

hope all is well with everyone! :) comment & let me know what is new with you :)


Monday, May 10, 2010

life as we know it!

i am officially a graduate! saturday was chilly & very windy, but the speakers were good & it was a very sincere attitude from all the staff working the graduation...maybe not as organizer as it could have been, but it was a wonderful morning!!

i need to upload the few photos i have from my dad, and once i get others from barb & tina i will be set & will post some :)

now, i am in finish up this week mode so i can party on saturday!!!

toodles :)

Sunday, May 02, 2010


it must be summer because i smell our house, noxzema is what we use on a sunburn...and i have a sunburn...

went to a flea market today with barb & nancy (& caleb came, too)...i split a box of tile samples with nancy & that's it! there were some nice items that were too pricey for me (like a cool vintage shopping cart that would be perfect for my mini books) and a lot of items that probably should have been trashed versus sold...

just a few weeks left of school (at work) and less than a week until graduation! i have to be at the Muny at 7:30 on saturday morning...that evening i will be attending meghan's dance recital :)

hope all is well in blogworld...i should be able to post more since i am done with my practicum...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

procrastination is a killer...

tomorrow is my final observation on my practicum. she will accept all my work then, as well, so that i won't have to mail it to her. however, it is a hassle to get everything together. i am working on it now (ok, not this exact moment as i am blogging). i have parts of it printed. parts of it finished. and all of it in some stage or another. i also have to get everything together for tomorrow!! i will have to make copies in the morning.

other than work, i have been scrapping lately. it has been fun, but sometimes it is a little overwhelming when there are people who are there -- some you like, some you meet, etc -- lots of crazy dynamics when it comes to a group of cropping women!!

i have also been working on graduation stuff -- a week and a half!!!! MAY 8 is the graduation...i sent out invites & announcements, but if i missed you & you would like one, just shoot me an email! the open house is on MAY 15!! come one, come all!

enjoying gLee and now back to the homework pile...

toodles :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

save the date

graduation is on May 8

graduation open house on May 15

will be sending out invites soon :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

HE is risen!

He is risen, He is risen, indeed!
What a blessing that 2000 or so year ago, Jesus not only died on the cross for all of us, but that he rose again to fulfill what the Scriptures promised so many years before.
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday

The lamb goes uncomplaining forth...

Good Friday -- a day to reflect, a day to remember...

Jesus died for ALL!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010