Tuesday, August 02, 2005

summer is almost over!

today was swimming with the kids at work. we went to this awesome pool/play park called Riverchase. i went down the huge slide once & went through the lazy river about 52 times...this was our last swimming trip of the summer -- only one field trip left, too! woohoo!! we go roller skating this thursday...should be interesting since all the kids don't know how to skate! after that, only one week left of summer camp!!

this weekend is going to be hellish!! friday i have a late night at work (get home about 11 PM)...i am also suppose to watch my neighbor this weekend (starting friday)...saturday i get to be home, i guess, but i have places i want to go and shop, plus i am going to help my friend wendy get some new work clothes & it is tax-free weekend, so i thought we would go this weekend...plus, it is a make and take weekend at archiver's scrapbook store, so i want to go do that...then on sunday i have a youthgroup event to be an adult at -- paintballing?!?!

Monday, August 01, 2005

why am i here??

so, i visit my favorite scrapbook site all the time...a discussion came up tonight about blogs - who has them, who wants them and whatnot...so i go visit some blogs that are hosted here by blogger.com...and i make one...

i decided to call my blog "phases of me" because my life seems to be a series of short and long phases -- what i want to do with my life, what books i want to read, how i spend my free time...right now my phases include: returning to college to get certified as a teacher, wanting to find a new job (but not wanting to at the same time), reading the harry potter series over and over again...

(just to let y'all know -- i rarely use capital letters & i typically do not use proper punctuation and/or spelling...one of my majors in college was print communication & i had a minor in english -- why would i want to come off as intelligent in what i write?!?!)