Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 new pages

i have started to work on a scrapbook to document when danielle & her family came to st. louis! i am working with the hullabaloo line from making memories (only at target)...

i have a plan all worked out, so if i can get the motivation going, i will get it finished quick...


Sunday, July 26, 2009

so much happening...


house sitting gets kind of boring!! i have been to 1 movie, shopped a couple times, been to 2 crops, been home 2 times, gone out to lunch 2 times and to church 1 time...i have also scrapbooked a lot!! i finished all my pictures from colorado (it was suppose to be a part of my summer book, it ended up being a book all its own!) and i got caught up with my summer album! now i have spain to work on (from 2000) and a trip when danielle, kale, irene and keoki came to st. louis back in 2006!!

i am so bored!! this week is a trip to dobbs to get my oil changed, lunch out, church, and a crop on friday...saturday i will be cleaning up here and then heading home!!!! i hope to go to another movie this week and who knows what else...i know i will take time to read and scrap...what a life!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

house sitting

i am house sitting for a friend of mine that i used to work with -- 2 dogs, 3 turtles, 2 koi, and countless other is for 2 weeks and i just started yesterday! this may be a long time, but it is pretty easy money, so it ends up being a nice change of pace! i am also scrapping up a storm!! i am almost finished with my pictures from colorado...i also just picked up a ton of photos from costco -- spain from 2000, vbs, summer school, fanfest, is going to be a fun time!!!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

more crafty-ness!

here is what i received from the harry potter swap over at craftster -- what i sent is the post below!
a gryffindor hat!!
snitch necklace & earrings!
gryffindor necklace & earrings!
ron bracelet & bookmark!
gryffindor booties!

Friday, July 10, 2009

so crafty-ness!

recently i did a harry potter and the half-blod prince swap at craftster -- here are the items i crafted! i will post what i received later :)

here is the outside and inside of a wooden "trunk" i painted -- gryffindor colors!
a jar from "honeydukes" -- the candy store in harry potter -- i got this idea from a previous swap i was in -- i filled it with some harry potter candy
a zipper rose, ok, not really a rose...but it is ravenclaw colors, and the person i swapped with likes luna lovegood, so it fits her crazy/silly persona
a cross stitch piece that took forever, and a frame i painted...please disregard any mistakes in the stitching!!!
a charm of felix felicitis....there was also a charm of a memory (silver glitter) in a bottle, but i guess i didn't take a picture of that one!!
luna radish earrings! something the person i was creating for was hoping for! it was fun to string the beads and i have more than enough supplies to make a pair for me.

Monday, July 06, 2009

colorado photo frenzy

my aunt shirley & uncle brian
danielle with shelby
tiny beaded chucks!
uncle brian -- 80 years old!!
aunt shirley and me
out the car window in wyoming
keoki at the prison museum -- "i don't wanna leave prison!"
an inmate from the territorial prison in laramie, wyoming
window at the church at the heritage museum the prison is a part of
a trunk -- or a treasure chest to an almost 4 year-old!
madeline & keoki
the THIRD rainbow of my trip!
aunt shirley & uncle brian
shelby -- is he cute or what???
keoki donating to help the animals -- it would roar when you put coins in -- he loved it!

Friday, July 03, 2009

colorado list of days

my week in review (and it ain't over yet!)

** monday - flew into denver, stayed up late talking with my aunt

** tuesday - looked at some photos & ran some errands, stayed up late with my aunt

** wednesday - estes park with my aunt, switched to danielle's place, stayed up late talking with danielle

** thursday - drive up to wyoming, visited the "territorial prison" that is now a museum along with some other buildings from the wild west -- this is the prison where butch cassidy & the sundance kid were! -- stayed up late with danille (pattern perhaps??)

** friday (today) - i think we are going to denver to their science museum and out to lunch...maybe a movie this afternoon??

** saturday (tomorrow) - fly home in the am :( i am already checked in for my flight...

photos coming soon!!