Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back to the grind

orientation & 3 days of meetings for my pay job (which i head back to in december)...2 days of meetings & planning with student teaching...students start tomorrow...i am wiped out from all the meetings!! however, i was looking at class lists today & helping with seating charts & checking out what level our kids were at, and one of the names looked familiar, so we looked the child up on the computer system the school uses...it is a child i had in my class when i was teaching PRESCHOOL!! not sure if they will remember me, lol, but i sure remember them!!

nothing much else of interest happening...hoping to get some scrapping time soon -- FKS is doing a friday night crop & a 12 hour on saturday the weekend of september 25 if any of my local scrapping buddies are interested!!


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Danielle said...

I miss being in the schools! My favorite part was seeing the students again:)