Tuesday, June 26, 2007

bye bye!

leavin' for the airport in a few -- flight from st louis to chicago, then chicago to detroit, then detroit to amsterdam, then amsterdam to kiev -- to arrive there about 5 pm wednesday!

i will try and update if i am able to get to an internet cafe while i am gone, otherwise, see you july 15!!

a piece of my heart is gone

Allie, the young girl I worked with this past school year, passed away on Sunday. An angel watching over all of us. Allie, we will miss you always, but we know you are laughing in heaven with Jesus now.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love, Elsie (tm)

fun papers and embellies to use from the Love, Elsie line!
this is my June design team page set for For Keeps Sake!

almost time!!

i leave in FIVE days -- next tuesday!!! any advice or travel reminders???

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

zoo june 19 2007

meghan & a duck in the "cypress swamp"
meghan crawling through a log tunnel
giant tortoise
meghan outside the "living world"
sea lion (i think it is robby) balancing a basketball
meghan getting soaked at the children's zoo
kiss a frog into a prince (see the little frog on the right?)
naked mole rat - EW!!
splash down by a sea lion!
the 3 male sea lions and their trainer

me & meghan & phil the gorilla
meghan and her new stuffed elephant - jade (like the newest baby elephant at the zoo)
baby jade & her momma
orange hibiscus in the butterfly house
getting wet!

Komen '07

special K
sue & sue & #63
part of the team
pink water at keiner plaza
a "tattoo" i got from ford
sue - one of our survivors - and her crown by missy
pink bags of chips
sue & tom
missy, sue & kristen
finishing the "race"

yes, my pictures have some weird pink sky to them, my camera is screwy....

Friday, June 15, 2007


the World Series trophy
my friend, Kathi, and Fredbird
Tony LaRussa and the girl who guarded the trophy
me and a "naked" Fredbird (i.e. no costume on, lol)