Sunday, September 30, 2007

and the winner is...

here are all the comment posters names in one of my cool Longaberger baskets!

shake and draw
and the winner is...

CONGRATS! i will bring your prize to homecoming!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

cut off time!

cut off has hit for entering a comment on post #400! i will draw a winner in the morning!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My 400th Post!!!

here are some new photos to enjoy!
butterfly at Babler
Barb at the scrapping retreat in Jackson
Kathy in Jackson
Nancy in Jackson
Nancy W's, mine & Tim Holtz's ROCKET DOGS!
Tim Holtz, me & Mario the wonder assistant!
So since i last posted i have just been busy with homework, class, work, a baseball game (Molina bobblehead night!), scrapbook classes, shopping, cropping, planning a basket party, etc etc etc! it has been a crazy life!!!
in other news --
i am not sure of the prize yet -- it will depend on who wins, lol!
if you would like to be entered, COMMENT on this blog post! i will pick a name on FRIDAY (september 28)

Friday, September 14, 2007


Did you know that facebook is now open to everyone? not just kids in school!?!? i signed up (with pressure from a high schooler i know, lol) and am enjoying it! i like it better than my space!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

happy week so far!

well, wednesday i was running like a chicken with my head cut off, but it was worth it!!

work was all day...then the dentist, where he scrubbed my teeth and made my gums bleed! then i ran home quick to pick my dad up so he could drop me off and i could pick up my car (long story, if you wanna hear it, comment & i will post about it)...then a hair cut & color...then i stopped and got dinner -- i was gone from my house from 6:15AM until 6:45 PM! i feel bad because i did not make it to church last night, but i am going sunday...

nothing else too new here -- my brother can't make it to the Cardinal's game next wednesday (19th) because he has class and so now i have an extra ticket or 2 (now my dad is saying he doesn't want to go), so if you know someone who would want to go, just let me know! they are in the "fat seats" as barb calls them! lol -- section 135...


Monday, September 10, 2007

happy monday!

happy monday all! had a field trip today -- played with GPS stuff and team building activities with sixth graders, woohoo!

got some photos from carolyn yesterday from our trip to ukraine!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

happy Sunday!

today was Sunday School staff installation during church, then there were donuts as a kick-off for an improvement project at church (new steps!) and then the first day of Sunday School!!! Power Hour was awesome today!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

since i've been "gone".....

i've been being blazy lately....actually more busy than lazy, but i need to get into the habit of posting again!!

i spent Labor Day weekend babysitting some awesome little girls! we were running the entire time i was there! friday night we went to see "underdog", which is a very cute movie -- saturday we went to the magic house (children's museum) -- sunday we went to fitz's for lunch, then the history museum, we were going to go to the art museum as well, but the parking lot was completely FULL (people parking free at the art museum and walking to the zoo) so we went to another movie instead, we saw "hairspray"! i loved it! they loved it! -- monday we swam in their pool, had a tea party lunch, went to a park and then to a bbq -- tuesday was back to the swing of things

my tuesday night class is very interesting, although the full 4 hours is KILLER! we have tons of reading each week, but some of it is pretty easy...

my online class is interesting, it is taking some getting used to, and i am not sure how well it will be in the end, but i am glad to be getting this class done! it is more work than i expected, but it is some good information and looking at how current news in education can be traced back to what used to happen, etc, is a great way to connect what we do now to the past and see how things could (and should) be done differently

work is fun -- i loved 6th grade, but this is a lot different than when i went! back then i was in the same room all day in elementary school, now it is block scheduling at a middle school! the class times and changing classes can be pretty confusing!

power hour (or PH) starts tomorrow!!! i am really excited, i just hope i have some good kids coming again this year! my room is not completely ready, but i have gotten a ton of crap out of it -- unused furniture & toys, trash, dried up/useless craft supplies, etc -- so it is a lot closer to my vision than before! tomorrow's stories are about giving, sharing, helping others, etc...we are going to do some giving this year -- i am going to ask the kids (ok, the parents, where would a toddler get money??) to bring in money/spare change to help others -- i have a clear plastic jar so they can see the money growing

save the date if you are in the area! on october 5 at 7 p.m. i will be having a longaberger party! the christmas pottery and baskets will be available for order at that point! email or comment if you would like more info! i will have catalogs soon, too, if you want to see one!!!

today i went to a baby shower -- my pal stacy is going to have a BOY in less than 2 weeks!! then she will be on her way to alaska! but, she will be home in the last spring, so that is all good :) her hubby is military and stationed up north, but he is done in may

no scrapping as of late -- i need to finish the mini book i have been working on and do a circle journal! the circle journal needs to be ready to go to FKS on tuesday, so i really need to get that one done! next weekend is the class time with tim holtz -- 2 classes on saturday! i am excited!!! one is a mystery class, NO clue what it is! and the other is charms made from dominoes that we will be inking and stamping and doing other stuff to -- VERY cool looking!!

there is a wedding i will miss next saturday, and i want to do a gift for them, i think i am going to make a small (8x8 maybe) album -- very quick, just matching papers, no real "theme" for them to add photos too -- i even know how i want to do the cover! now to find the time!

oh, and i am coming up on post #400 soon! when i do, i will have some thing special :)

ok, this is too too TOO long now!