Monday, June 30, 2008


my favorite little trimmer has "died"! the trimmer arm cracked all the way off...i am sad! i have another small trimmer, but this was my i may be on the look out for a new one



Saturday, June 28, 2008


i am WIPED OUT! this week has been one thing after another, but it has certainly been fun!

worked everyday but friday, and on friday i went shopping and piddled around was a youthgroup trip to the ZOO! i love the zoo, so it was a fun day...we were there for over 8 hours, and we looked at just about everything!

last night meghan spent the night (and sleepwalked into my room and said something about a second elbow?!?!?!) because their house was without power! there were 7 homes without power in our neighborhood -- a transformer blew -- and it was really funny because the only house WITH power on our block was our's!!

tonight carolyn & deborah are spending the night because tomorrow is a youthgroup car wash and they live so far out it is crazy to drive home tonight & drive all the way in tomorrow...

mary beth had a garage sale this week (wed & today)...i took up a TON of scrapbook stuff to sell -- quite a bit sold, but i have more if anyone is interested, lol -- i made $150!!! my dad did a small garage sale today...he was very happy because he sold our old, non-working, lawn mower!! yay!! we have some other junk to get rid of, but i think it will all go to goodwill at this point...

starting tomorrow is the youthgroup's giving tree to benefit circle of concern in valley park...usually we just do this during december, but this summer we are doing Christmas in July! i have a bunch of stuff to take tomorrow to start the flow of goodness...

now i am off to finish getting stuff in my car for the morning -- toodles!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

one year ago....

the world lost a little joy...heaven is a happier place with Allie there, but the world is sadder...we miss you Allie...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

photo booth phun

so apple has photo booth on their computers -- this was my first attempt at some phun photos using photo booth! it will be even more fun when there are other people around to join in, lol...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

summertime and the living is busy...

it hit 90* today -- the weather guy just said so! glad today was not the day i was at the zoo!!

tuesday meghan & i went to the zoo -- once i upload photos i may post some -- we left my house at about 7:15 AM so we could get free parking on the north lot...went on the motion simulation ride (extreme log flume) 3 times, rode the train around the zoo a couple times, ate junk food, looked at the cool dinosaurs, and rode the 3-d motion simulation ride (dino-island) 4 times!! i had a headache on the drive home!! meghan slept! we left the zoo after 4, so it was a really REALLY long day!

since then i have been running errands and cleaning...eventually my room will be of now, my room is about 1/3 of the way done, i think?!

tomorrow starts work summer school, then next wednesday is my first night class of the summer...of the next 4 weekends, i have 2 sundays free and 1 saturday (i think!!)...

this is going to be a LONG month!

toodles :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

yay us!

my new laptop is here (ok, it has been here since last friday) and set up!!  i have been having a little fun trying to figure it all out -- i need to finish importing my photos and then find where to put my fonts, then i will be all done with that stuff...then i can set it up how i want it to look, etc, since i will have my photos to use, etc

also -- HUGE CONGRATS to LISA!  way to go on getting the job!  i knew you would!!!

nothing else new going on here...