Friday, December 31, 2010

resolutions and plans...

so looking back at my 2010 goals:
for 2010 i have a few more "specific" goals...
1. lose weight/get healthy -- did not happen like i would have liked...
2. scrap lots -- no specific numbers, but i did a lot of scrapping!
3. travel more -- eh...i am disappointed i only left town 3 times (yes, one was a week long, but i need more!)
4. finish certification -- my part is finished, now it is waiting on webster to finish their part
5. stay positive -- until the end of december i was doing ok, lol...
6. be a better blogger -- NOT

and then here is what i hope to accomplish in 2011:
1. eat less/move more
2. scrap a lot
3. travel more
4. get a certified teaching job!
5. stay positive
6. be a better blogger

(i do not change a lot, do i? LOL)

toodles :)

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