Tuesday, July 20, 2010


today was another day with mad science -- and i got to play with dry ice!!

the 75 cent word for the dry ice workshop is SUBLIMATION, or the change in the state of matter from a solid to a gas (like dry ice does)...lots of fun watching fog form, watching bubbles come out of a flask, and cooling water with dry ice in hopes of seeing the color change on the special thermalcolor cups we hand out! we also used dry ice to freeze some water & to make loud squeaky noises, lol...

other than that, today started as a super wet morning, and now it is hot & sunny out...i am enjoying the a/c and scrapbooking while watching movies...today i am at 3 pages and counting!! i love being this productive, but i certainly miss scrapping with my friends!!

toodles :)


Barb said...

We miss you too....but can't wait to see your productive. Keep it up!

Kimberly said...

feeling productive is a favorite in my book!