Monday, August 17, 2009


zutter is a company that makes some awesome tools for scrapbookers -- the zutter cutter (cuts papers exactly in half or in other exact measurements) and the bind-it-all (allows you to bind your own books)...

i bought my bind-it-all a few years back when they first came into the US (they started in australia)...i had not used it until this past april when i took a class with teresa collins who designs for them...i still did not use it often (no time or need to)...

then, last week, not even a week ago, on the 11th i was helping meghan put a little book together...we punched the holes & went to add the binding and part of my bind-it-all broke!! it was some plastic that wrapped around a brass "nut" that kept the bind "squishing" part the size you set it to...i emailed the bind-it-all people just about an hour after that...after a few emails back and forth over the next couple days, i was told they would send me the replacement part & instructions...that was last thursday (the 13th)...

my part arrived TODAY (the 17th)!!! what awesome and quick shipping!!!

it was kind of hard to unscrew the old part, but that is a testament as to how well made these tools are -- the part would not have come off due to any accidental reason!! not only was there the needed part, there were new screws to use and directions...there was a step-by-step sheet of written directions...there was also a numbered sheet of photos to correspond to the written directions!!! these were so helpful!!

this is a company i will support in the future -- their customer service is superb!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

back to school time!

classes for ME start on the 24th...will update on those later

classes where i work start TUESDAY! we have been in meetings & setting up classrooms since last wednesday...i think it will be an interesting year...

nothing much else going on -- lots of scrapping & reading & surfing the net -- although i did just finish "the shack" -- i will post on that soon, too! it was a very powerful book.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

new haircut!

my new haircut right after i got it

this morning when i had to attempt to style it myself! eek! not as cool, but i will keep trying...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


i am trying to drink more water -- i drank a ton while house sitting, now to continue it at home!