Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good & Bad....

Customer service that is!!!

I have had a string of very pleasant customer service lately...

1) a lost scissor tip cover was replaced for free (Tonic Studios)
2) a replacement part & detailed instructions (with photos) was sent when my Bind-it-All broke
3) I have been able to make no questions asked returns to Target & Lane Bryant for torn clothing items
4) I have been promised a replacement lunch box (less than a year old) -- I hope this pans out because they seem to be quality products...I will keep you posted!!

for close to a year I have been emailing with October Afternoon (a company that makes totally adorable scrapbook products)...I had an issue with some stickers, so I emailed them and was told I would be receiving a replacement product...after 3 months I emailed again and was told they did not have my address (which they did) I emailed them back right away...another 3 months later when I still had heard nothing, I emailed again and have yet to receive a reply to the email (to the address on their website)...that was in July! I just emailed them back to register my disappointment in their customer relations...


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