Friday, March 25, 2011


debating on getting my dad some shoes for his birthday...these may be them! not sure for my brother, although, he may be lucky to get a gift card to some fast food place since he never gives me any ideas...oh well...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

cut & color!

beforeduring (after step 1 of bleaching)
after -- red-heads have more fun!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


i am so excited! it is now spring break! i am not doing anything too exciting, but i am hoping to be productive & finish quite a bit -- cleaning, crafting, appointments, etc...

friday there was no school, so i already started the fun of break -- chinese for lunch & then scrapbooking on friday and was church & sunday school and then i went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 again with my friend, renee...

sleeping in tomorrow -- and trying to stay as cool as possible -- today was the second 80*+ day so far this month! tomorrow is suppose to be just as warm...


Monday, March 14, 2011

God provides....

in times like we are living in, it is good to see what God can and does do...

many prayers have been said for the people of Japan, Hawaii, and the west coast...Japan has been hit worse than anything I can remember -- both from the earthquake & the the worry for nuclear meltdown...scary times are ahead, but God is in control...I was looking on-line and the WELS missionary and his family are all are the three national pastors...there has been minimal damage (all things considered) and only one member is reported missing from all 9 congregations for a total of 400+ is may seem hopeless...but God is in control...He has shown what He can do and what He can provide...God is working in the hearts of many to help and provide for the citizens of Japan...stories of survival are coming out -- and i pray to hear more -- i loved hearing about the man who had been swept away by the tsunami while in his house -- he was found floating NINE miles off the coast on a piece of his roof 2 days later...what a miracle!! please keep the people of Japan in your thoughts & prayers, and, if you are able, find a way to donate to help...

on a more local level, God was surely with me today...this morning it was snowing! the drive started out fine at home, as we just had rain...i turned onto interstate 44 and about a mile or so in was driving extremely slow to remain in control with the 2-3 inches of slushy-snow on the highway...everyone was moving slow and driving carefully -- a miracle in itself! as i got to 109, i started to worry as 109 is a very curvy hill...about a mile up the road, traffic was at a dead stop...i got stuck...i was able to make it to the shoulder, and i called AAA...they thought the tow truck would be there by 8:30 (it was 6:50)...i had a few people check to make sure i was okay, had gas in the car, etc...i saw people u-turning to go south as north bound was completely closed...i stayed safe...buses & trucks passed...3 plows passed -- giving me a nice "curb" of snow! in a way, they made it a little safer for me as others had a guide of where to drive! about 7:30 AAA called and told me the tow truck was about a 1/2 hour about 8:45 there was no other traffic to be seen...not a soul in sight! i cleaned the accumulated snow off my car...i called AAA and was told the tow truck was not allowed on 109 as the road was closed...about 10:10 a police officer (leading a line of cars south) had me attempt to get unstuck...i was nervous & kept braking, instead of gunning the police man got in my car and got me free! i called AAA to cancel the tow and headed home (earlier i had called in to the sub system since i could tell i was not getting out anytime soon!)...i had prayed to God for safety on my way out of my neighborhood, and i made sure to praise and thank Him as soon as i was safely on my way...what a blessed morning (even if i was shaking!)...


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

crazy week or so!!

to give you an idea of the past couple weeks...

2/28: no power at work; kids dismissed early; had to take personal time to leave
3/1: work & babysitting some awesome kids (and a cat with tummy troubles!!)
3/2: work, mad science, church...breathing optional!
3/3: work & mad science
3/4: work & driving in to swap my mad science kits
3/5: relaxing...finally!
3/6: power hour & church...
3/7: work & picking up the new headlight assembly for my car
3/8: work...and rain...and an unexpected detour that should last about a month!!

i feel like i am always in my car going somewhere...and nothing seems that close to me...but this week has been pretty positive so far...

hope all is well :)

Friday, March 04, 2011


this month's winner is...


i will get you your prize as soon as i can -- happy creating!!


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

scrapper's challenge -- how'd you do & new one!

I am a few days behind, but....

how did you do on the february scrapper's challenge to create something for someone else??? i did not do some of what i hoped to do (albums for children in the hospital), but i did make a bunch of cards for others...MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! (comment by friday, march 4, 7pm CT to be eligible -- you did not have to complete the challenge to be eligible -- just post whether you played & finished something or were unable to create something for someone else)....prize this month is a pack of paper, some brads, & whatever else i decide to throw in!!

march's challenge is simple -- use scraps! i am not a scrap saver for the most part -- i either recycle them or pass them on to a friend who does use scraps (nancy!)...but this month i am challenging you to break out (or save) your scraps to create something -- anything!! maybe you are not a scrapper, but you have fabric scraps -- use them!

toodles :)