Wednesday, March 28, 2007

two biggies!

the 3 from my church will be in the town of CHERNIHIV.
it is in northern Ukraine -- about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Kyiv!

the cover art for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released today!
only a few more months!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

fun pictures!

so i finally got some pictures uploaded off my camera (like 80 or so!)...and here are a few quick looks at what has been happening in my life.....

here is meghan with the projects she created at the kid's class i taughtlance from rusty pickle -- he came in and taught at FKS

the longhorn at Suson! he had just sneezed and was yawning!

meghan sitting on a huge stump at Suson

peanut butter the donkey -- meghan had been looking & looking for him...
meghan looks like a baby in this shot!
a NICE picture of meghan & i from the other night
another crazy meghan shot!
my flip flops & her rollerblades
what in the world??

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


my dad: 2 chips in his shoulder -- 3 more weeks (at least) in a sling, then some more rest time to help it heal

MAT/Certification: i am going for middle school -- i start class tonight!

omaha: lots of fun...did a lot of shopping & got some great deals (a $44 skirt at sears for $3.99!)

laundry: started!

scrapping: none happening right now...

spring break: just started, hopefully i will get some time to do some fun stuff


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

a chip on HIS shoulder!

well, my dad now officially & literally has a chip on his shoulder....

he fell on one of the steps at church and hit his knees & caught himself with his hands/arms....his right shoulder hurt, so i told him we should go to the ER (like a block from church!!).....they got him triaged, waited an hour, got him in a room, waited an hour, a doctor finally came, waited 30 minutes, they took some x-rays, waited another 20 minutes, some guy came in with a sling, waited another 15 minutes...and finally the doctor came back -- he has to go to an ortho doctor tomorrow for proper diagnosis & follow-up.....

BUT, from the x-rays, it appears he has chipped the ball part of the ball & socket joint of his shoulder...

so, now he has taken a vicodin, is resting at home, and wondering what will happen next....i am just wondering if i need to call in to work tomorrow......

Sunday, March 04, 2007


this weekend was the 3rd weekend retreat put on by For Keeps Sake

starting friday evening i spent so much time creating!!!

friday i was at the hotel cropping until 1:15 in the morning (so saturday i guess, lol), then i was back at the hotel for breakfast at 8:30 on saturday, i left at about 10:30 on friday night but was back again this morning by about 8!! eek! not much sleep, but a lot of creating done!!

i completed:
24 12x12 pages
2 circle journal entries
1 altered bulletin board
2 altered ornaments
1 altered notebook/journal
2 mini books/accordian albums
and i started 12 ATCs

people were getting SO MUCH done!!!!!!! i was very impressed by what i was seeing!

the class on saturday (an accoridan album with some new K&Co that is not even available yet) was done by Tracy Niehaus (a K&Co designer of Life's Journey fame!!) and was AWESOME!! i finished it with photos right after the class and it is gorgeous! i am anxious for this paper line to come out because i want it all!

my pal barb finished 25+ pages of her son's volleyball!! woohoo barb! nancy was finishing ATCs left & much fun stuff happening!

if i get my patootie in gear i will take some pictures and get them posted of what i created :)