Sunday, December 26, 2010

a wonderfully white Christmas!

i loved it -- we had snow for Christmas!! it was probably close to 4 inches or so!!

friday we did our "new" tradition of having dinner with meghan's family :) then going to the children's christmas service -- meghan was an angel, the angel gabriel in fact, and said her lines perfectly! she was so cute in the costume, as were all the kids! i will post pictures at some point...need to upload from my camera! opened gifts when we got home -- i got some gift cards, a polaroid camera, shoes, a sock monkey, and a ton of teacher goodies from my godparents...

saturday was sleeping in...and the only thing we did was go to my brother's house for dinner...roads were fine (even his unplowed city street)...

today was a relaxing day...i worked on getting my room cleaner...watched 3 harry potter films while i worked -- they kept me moving!! i still have a lot to do, but it is better than it was!


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