Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tagged by kathy

here i am -- after work, about 4:45ish...i love the photo booth on a mac!

here's the rules...

* take a photo of yourself...NO primping or preparing...just snap a photo NOW!

* load onto your blog...

* tag 3 people to play...

i TAG -- Paula, Mary Jo, & Lisa!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

lone elk park & wild bird sanctuary

finally a fun day during spring break!! wednesday went well at the dentist -- no real pain, so i am good -- thursday i ran a couple errands & then watched a movie with meghan last meghan & i went out and about -- i bought some books & a skirt :) -- then we went to lone elk park & the wild bird sanctuary -- very fun & we saw a bunch of animals!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

post 650!

wow! this is my 650th post, and it isn't going to be too too much....

i am feeling MUCH better than i was, although i can tell i am still getting over the crud -- achey some and a headache, but fever free for over a day now :)

tomorrow is the "exciting" day of my spring break -- i get to have a wisdom tooth pulled!! yay??!! i am glad the tooth will be out, but anxious about pain and whatnot when it comes to the AFTER the pull!

oh well, i will survive! God will protect me :)


Saturday, March 14, 2009


still sick -- this is a bad cold...but my fever has broken (twice now!) and i think it is finally gone -- i don't feel like i am in a fryer! blowing my nose a lot now...

i hope i can make it to power hour tomorrow -- but i don't want the kids to get sick, kwim?

meds then bed!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

a sickly start to spring break

i am now on spring break.

and i am sick.

planning to take some meds & then go to bed.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 08, 2009

last week was nice, but VERY busy....

monday was work & finishing homework for wednesday

tuesday was work & finishing homework for wednesday

wednesday was work & my last class at webster (physically) this semester! yay no more parking nightmare for now!!

thursday was work & then delivering the sunshine albums (going to do more soon!)

friday was work and then cropping -- had a heck of a time getting out when i wanted to, and broke a nail (down far enough to bleed!)...but, it was fun to hang out & crop & celebrate kathy n.'s birthday a week early :)

saturday was scrap shopping & a class with barb & tina -- early morning to get going, then not home until after 9! wow! i was pooped!

today has just been a crabby day and trying to get things tooth is hurting (i called to see about moving my appointment up the other day, she is going to call if a long enough appointent opens up)...oh well! tomorrow is a new day & a new chance for a happy day!

this week we have work 4 days -- friday is the start of spring break!!! woohoo!! i need to clean this week because saturday night is my "sargeto salad finishers" house party! yay!


Monday, March 02, 2009

ABCs of my life right now...

A -- albums -- sunshine albums! i am taking the ones i made to cardinal glennon this thursdau
B -- break -- spring break is less than 2 weeks away!! woohoo!
C -- cleaning -- i need to, but when do i have time?
D -- dentist -- i get to have a wisdom tooth pulled over spring break! although i am planning to call tomorrow to see if i can move it up a couple days
E -- EASTER --coming soon! i love the Easter season :)
F -- facebook -- addicted!
G -- girl scout cookies -- YUM!
H -- homework -- i have 2 things to finish for wednesday night...
I -- insomnia -- not sleeping well lately...
J -- juggling -- the time for juggling a night going to webster once a week will soon be over for the semester! yay!
K -- kids -- my power hour kids are wonderfully smart little people!
L -- laundry -- still some in the washer & dryer from the weekend...grrrrrrr
M -- messy -- my bedroom -- and i am sick of it! now to have TIME to clean it up...
N -- nice -- weather is looking a little warmer & sunnier!
O -- overwhelmed! i need to get my scraproom organized (by the 14th!!)
P -- paper crafting -- finished 4 pages at the crop saturday!
Q -- quilt -- my quilt i love is ripping, i need to figure out how to fix it!
R -- reading -- just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (5th time?) and need to pick my next book
S -- sick! not me, but others -- my dad has a cold & one of the kids i work with has been sick...
T -- tired -- did i mention the insomnia??
U -- up in the air -- my job for next year (i want a teaching job!!)
V -- very sad -- i want to go away over spring break, but i won't have time :(
W -- water -- been drinking more water...or at least trying!
X -- xcellent time cropping! a little crazy with tables this past saturday, but still fun!
Y -- yucky -- my arm is greasy from lotion because it is all itchy
Z -- zoo -- i really want to go to the zoo soon!