Sunday, November 30, 2008

made it!!

every day during november i have posted...some days were long and meaningful...some days have been short and sweet...but every day found something to be post worthy...

december may be close to the same -- i have less than a week until i am 30! eek! i need to get my 25-days of christmas book ready, then i can document there as well...

the christmas tree is up, and decorated (almost all the ornaments are up), other decorations are up, a few more need to come up, but that will happen once all the tree stuff is out of the way...

now off to finish homework for monday & start on homework for the following week!

toodles to you & november!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

post secret

wonderful, poignant really, truly touched me this week...can you guess?

Friday, November 28, 2008

post 600!!!

can you believe it? i barely can! how long have i had this blog, and i am at post 600!! if i can keep up posting everyday, i will be to almost 1000 for the start of 2010! wow...

i did not do too much today -- i shopped yesterday evening -- i went to the post office & one local stamp tore for some bags they were holding for me...that is all!! meghan came down and we watched hairspray....brought up the tree pieces & a couple other christmas boxes...i can NOT find my car antlers!! :(

off to bed soon, tomorrow is laundry and more christmas stuff and homework! fun fun!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving blessings!

today was wonderful!!!

my dad & i went to church and i sat by him and hannah (one of my sweet little ones i babysit, the miracle baby!)...beautiful singing and music, a nice sermon, can you ask for anything else during a church service??

after church we came home for a little bit before going to my godparents' house for thanksgiving lunch...too much food (that was all delicious), lots of time to talk with friends, and finding out about another blessed baby on the way! their family is pretty fertile, lol...i got to hold a sweet one named silas, and get hugs from my buddy carter...just to spend time talking with jackie, paul, marilyn, and kari -- what a wonderful afternoon!!

this evening, i went to michaels! they were open from 6-9 tonight!! there were a lot of people, but the lines were moving and they had some great deals -- i got cricuit cartridges from $30 (versus $90!!)...i also go a foof-a-la album kit for over 50% off!! it ws fun to just get out and do a little shopping...

yesterday was fun!! i went to the bank & target then i picked up barb -- we started at FKS to put together the chunky books -- took us a long time, and there were 5 people working on them! it was fun, though, and the books look awesome! after that we went to casual male -- got a christmas gift for my dad -- then up to west county center! chick-fil-a for lunch (YUM!!!) then lane bryant, macy's for lush bath products, and a couple quick stops...i got more receipts for my black card and got my first set of coupons (AWESOME DEALS there!!!)...after the mall we went to costco - soda & pizza - and i put gas in my car there -- $1.29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!

i hope you have all had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


today i am off...i have my bag just about ready to go, but going to target this early won't matter because i need the pharmacy & that isn't open until 9! so i will take with me my book that is homework, and go to the bank first...then i will go to target, look aorund for whatever else i need and then go to the pharmacy when they first open :) if i have to wait, i guess i will just read my book for a few minutes :)

going by the bank, target, FKS, costco, the mall, office max, casual male, and the ink should be a fun day, and i hope to get a lot of my christmas shopping complete!!

have a fun day & i may possibly post later about if i finished what i wanted to


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

break time!

i am now officially on thanksgiving break!! tomorrow is errands & shopping & helping with christmas chunky books...that is about all, but i know it will be nice to be out and getting things finished! if i have time in the evening, i plan on getting homework complete :)

tukey smash was this afternoon -- lots of fun, but it was VERY NOISY and i just can't handle that too well...but it was a lot better than last year!! it was just more fun, and the kids behaved like they should -- and were not told off for being kids!

other than that, class went well tonight...a lot of things i have done in recent classes, so tuesdays are hard to focus sometimes, lol...but i think i will survive -- 3 more weeks to go!!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

one more day....

then a 5 day weekend!! yay!! not sure what all i will be doing on my break, but i know that on wednesday i am going to be shopping & running errands :) thursday is church & dinner at my godparents house....i am still deciding about getting up early friday -- i will have to see the ads and go from there...but i know i will be cleaning so i can put up our nativity sets and the tree...

maybe i will even get photos off my camera!!

toodles :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

15 weird facts about me

15 weird facts about me -- my friend carolyn tagged me on facebook, so i am answering here ;) i tag all my friends who read my blog -- post a comment if you join in the fun!!

1) my favorite animals are turtles and giraffes.
2) when i was little i would play school and make up worksheets for my dolls.
3) i have eaten beef liver & goose & elk (not at the same time).
4) i have been cursed at in spanish (in spain).
5) i have been called carol & beryl in my lifetime.
6) i have tried spelling becky in many different ways, and i always came back (bekki, beki, beckie, etc).
7) i have used a hole in the ground for a bathroom. i have also paid to use a restroom (and did not pay extra for TP because i had my own with me).
8) i have video taped a how-to-light-a-klunka (water heater) movie.
9) i may not know who sings a song, or the title, but i possibly know all the words.
10) my goal in life was to be a photographer for national geographic.
11) i have painted 2 eggs with traditional ukrainian designs.
12) i LIKE going shopping on black friday.
13) i am horrible at uploading photos off my camera.
14) i frequently lose my watch...then i have to carry my phone so i know what time it is.
15) i can sing silent night (at least in part) in 3 languages...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

old people's place

went to a crop today -- it benefited a boy scout den -- it was held at a center for aging (adult day care) -- the bathroom was like being in a ballet studio! loads of bars along the walls, lol...there were not a lot of people who came, but the people who were there made it fun :) there was more than enough food, and there were some vendors there who donated a portion of their profits to the boy scout den as was fun to hang out with cathi & linda -- we talked a lot, but we also all got a lot finished :) 9 12x12 pages and 5 more mini books for the sunshine albums for me! linda finished quite a few pages, and cathi worked on thank you notes all day and finished almost half of them! yay!!

now i am tuckered out and ready for bed...


Friday, November 21, 2008


i am happy it is friday! it was a nice week at work, but next week is only 2 days!!

hopefully i can get rid of the minor cold i have and still have fun :) and hopefully i won't get worse -- we have a confirmed case of whooping cough at work! there are over 140 in the area, and last year there were is on the rise!!

i need to get laundry sorted, and possibly started, since i will be gone all day tomorrow at the crop...i like that it is an earlier start, so the 12 hours is done at 8, versus 11! then i can be home about 9...

monday is when we get our new garage opener! yay! it is cold out & i am tired of opening and closing the door...

off to relax & get ready for tomorrow!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

crop a long saturday

saturday is cropping all day -- going to take some photos & a mix of papers (the end of my jenni bowlin kit from this month & some basic grey) and will take some mini books and papers i wouldn't normally use to make more albums for the sunshine album project -- cathi & i will have a good time, i am sure!

other than that, it was cold today...suppose to warm up a little bit, but i prefer the cold if i can get used to it! going to take a hot bubble bath i think...


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i found the book i was looking for the other day! i have been (re)reading it today and am about 1/3 of the way through...i have found some good vocab words and writing prompts to use with my unit plans, so i am on a roll! it is a wonderful book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas -- and the movie comes out friday....the book is sad, and thought provoking...

someone is coming tomorrow to fix/replace the garage door opener -- i am happy because it is hard for me to reach to close the door, lol, plus, the door is heavy!!

that is about all for today! anything people would like to know? suggest a topic or ask a question & i will address it ;)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


** broken garage door

** had to put gas in my car (but $1.69 a gallon! woo!!)

** homework for next week

** desperately need sleep

** busy busy this weekend

** having a cold stinks

** science test this week and no way to do a study guide yet

** need sudafed

but good things t00! on the news right now they are talking about how abortion rates are FALLING! they are at the lowest rates! yay! the babies are being born! woohoo!!! class got out a little bit, gas was "cheap", not too much homework for monday, and none for tuesday, 5 work days 'til thanksgiving, cropping all day is a good time :)

hugs & toodles!

Monday, November 17, 2008

6 more schools days....

then it is THANKSGIVING break! yay!! over break my plan is to relax & sleep & do homework & clean & maybe see a movie & eat chinese food! yum!

today was a long day, full of was certainly interesting to see the school resource officer in the office working with students who were not making smart choices versus students who are interested in what he knows...oh well! tomorrow WILL be a better day! and i know the office will be WAY less busy!!

but class was nice tonight, and tomorrow night's class will be nice, too -- and the homework is already complete for tomorrow night! woo!!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

sunday is almost over...

LONG morning at church -- power hour (no extras today like i thought we'd have) then unity church service with everyone from illinois & missouri which was all followed by a was nice to see people that go to the services in illinois, but i also saw how many people who come to our church from farther away than the people in illinois (we have a family that comes from jeff city -- at least 150 miles away!!)...i hope we can come together in one united church service again or get the illinois group started as a mission church with their own pastor & budget...

after all that, i came home and did a little cleaning, relaxed with an almost nap, and finished my homework for tomorrow night...all that is left is to print my analysis and copy the articles i wrote about...

now i am watching extreme makeover: home edition and loving it! already in my jammies, going to wash my hair then ehad to bed after this is finished :)


Saturday, November 15, 2008

cold and windy!

winter is making an appearance today! it is cold & windy, and there is a slight chance for flurries this afternoon...glad i am home now for a little bit...

i have been pretty productive today -- went to FKS and did the make-in-takes and went to old navy & got some fun pajamas! also started on laundry and i have power hour all set up and clean for tomorrow morning :) this afternoon is more laundry and cleaning, and homework, then i am going to barb's about 4 before heading to archiver's for a crop

i didn't go everyplace i was thinking of today, but i decided against going to the mall, and i will stop at the library tomorrow to pick up my movie that came in...

i am getting excited that christmas is coming soon! i bought a kit and some papers today at FKS so i can create a small book to keep track of the month of december (ala ali edwards)...i guess i will work on it soon and then be ready to fill it in! i also already started on some christmas gifts, and i will be finishing those as soon as i get a chance...i like to be finished early so i can wrap and decorate and have fun making the house all festive.

now off to wok on homework! yeehaw!


Friday, November 14, 2008

camp is finished...

today was cold & rainy & wet -- what an interesting day for being at camp!!!!

-- no archery (which stinks!) because it would be dangerous to have sharp points and slippery equipment...especially when it is young teens who have never done archery before!

-- team building indoors when the groups i was with really needed the space to run around! the games were fun and the kids had a great time, but outside would have been nice...

-- the kids i work with did awesome at camp! they utilized the strategies they have learned to deal with what the liked & didn't like..

-- buses running late to pick the kids up at the end of camp, but near as late as yesterday when they picked up the other team!!

-- over 3 days: only 2 kids sent home hurt (both ankle injuries) and 1 for misbehavior...pretty good considering there are close to 300 6th graders! 1% is a good rate :)

now to go to bed!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

camp day 1

camp was just very VERY tiring today!!! first thing the group i am in did -- GPS (geocacheing) -- which was awesome, but it was a lot of walking (especially uphill!)...then we did a HIKE! so all i did at camp today was walk around...i did, though, make a "brown bear" on a fire -- it was YUMMY!

tomorrow is archery & team building! i am looking forward to archery, team building, meh...

i am glad i am not sleeping at camp tonight, it is gonna get cold! plus i want to just sit & relax, which is not going to happen at camp tonight!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

not sure what to call this...

not even sure what to write about...i am just tired...and moody...and i want this week to be finished because the next 2 days are camp days...

but saturday will be fun because i will be cropping with friends (AND my jenni bowlin kit came today!)...and sunday will be a long morning at church, but i think meghan & i will get to go shopping after ward!!!

so, before then i need to get homework finished...yay!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You!!

A gigantic THANK YOU to all the veterans.
A gigantic THANK YOU to all active/reserve military.
GOD bless the USA!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

spring 2009

i have registered for spring classes...but if i don't get my "advancement to candidacy" forms in, i won't be able to take them...4 weeks to get them done!! i guess i know what i get to work on seems like just another hoop to jump through for certification/MAT, but it will be done!


Sunday, November 09, 2008

being productive...

my paper for monday is finished -- i just need to print it -- and my paper for tuesday is being worked on -- it is a little over 20% finished...i also plan on starting my photo essay (not due until the tuesday before thanksgiving) if i get a chance...

other than homework i taught power hour, went to costco for gas ($1.88 a gallon!), and to pick up a few things at target...i also have power hour planned for next week, and the laundry is all done...

i am hoping to be finished with my tuesday paper before Extreme Makeover: Home Edition starts because it is the episode from st. louis tonight...

that is about it...being productive on a sunday! yay me!


Saturday, November 08, 2008

6th grade camp

i get to go to 6th grade camp on thursday & friday....not too excited about it since i don't really work with or know many of the 6th will be interesting to say the least...

oh well...i guess life will go on...

now to go write more on homework papers...

Friday, November 07, 2008

17 + hours

that is how long i was gone from my house today!! i left for work at 6 this morning and got home tonight a little after 11 after a scrapbook class with friends! woo! it was an awesome day, just long!!

barb got her prize this afternoon -- a set of basic grey clear stamps!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

homework galore!

2 papers due next week -- a 4-6 page one on monday and a 5-7 page one on tuesday! for the next 6 weeks on monday i have things due, and about every other week on tuesday...i am hoping to get ahead some this weekend (i really want to be ahead this term!!)...but, a lot of the assignments can go together (2 unit plans that i think will be based on the same book) and one is going to be fun & easy -- a photo essay!

now, off to write some more...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

i voted! did you?

including drive time, i was in & out in 15 minutes!

Monday, November 03, 2008

how much longer??

i am tired of election talk and ads and crap...negativity was the kids vote at school (since we are off tomorrow) -- not sure on winners yet! tomorrow i get to sleep in, go vote, then i plan on going out to lunch (chinese!!)...tomorrow night is fun fun! but class will be nice since i won't have to listen to election crap...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

happy birthday, m!

miss meggiepies is 9 today...i gave her a book ("Little Women") that came with a necklace...enjoyed some ice cream cake...she was very happy tonight when i saw her, a little upset we weren't going to chicago this year (me too!), but i told her she could pay for it this time and take ME for MY birthday!! i don't think it's going to happen, lol

Saturday, November 01, 2008

long time no blog

been busy and trying to keep the fundraiser for my friend, renee, up at the no blogs lately, but i am going to start blogging regularly again, in fact, i am planning to blog every day this month!!!!

as for my drawing from people who donated to renee -- one entry, one winner!! CONGRATS BARB! we shall determine your prize ;)

i have been doing a lot of cropping lately -- a crop at FKS, the FKS october retreat, a 12-hour crop today...lots of finished projects, so i am a happy scrapper!! today alone i created 6 12x12 pages, 4 Christmas ornaments, and 4 mini books for kids in the hospital :)

other than that, i finished one set of 8 week classes (both were As!) and started another set...these aren't too bad so far, and i will be starting homework tomorrow for one of them...

work has been a lot of long, busy days...this past week was red ribbon week, so it was spirit days every day, and on friday fredbird and louie (the blues mascot) came at lunch was crazy and loud and just a long day...

lots of kids last night for halloween!! i know we had over 30, probably over 40! that is a lot for a neighborhood of 60 homes! we gave out a bunch of candy, but we do still have some left...

the house is a mess, i am pooped, the clothes are dirty...and i am not sure when i will have time to do anything else!

now to go relax a little, then head to bed!