Sunday, February 22, 2009

prayers for a friend

i found out today that my good friend, tina, lost her nephew this past friday. prayers going out to her and her family at their time of loss... :(

Saturday, February 21, 2009

savvy saturday....

well, more of a sitting saturday!!

laundry this morning and now i am babysitting...yay! i have been able to get online here, which is always a plus, so i finished some homework and started on some more!

u-verse has been nice so far -- the phone is fine (we still might get our old number back) and the tv is great...but the internet is odd & goes in & out at times, sometimes my laptop won't work, or my dad's pc won't work (and his is hooked up to the modem! it isn't wireless like mine!!), but my brother is coming tomorrow to check it out & we may call at&t about it, too...hopefully we can get it worked out!

not much else has been happening this week -- short week at work, a tooth ache (which is in a tooth that's getting pulled in march), homework, class on wednesday & getting to leave early because i had seen the video last semester...

off to read since the youngin's are sleeping!!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

uverse saga....

thursday was suppose to be the u-verse installation -- no signal at the house -- tech guy comes & fixes that at 7 time that night to do the installation

friday our phone line went out about 2:15ish -- call at&t, the line is not to them yet -- call charter, the line is already switched over -- call at&t, oops, we'll get to you asap (like wednesday) calls at&t, we'll fix it tonight...guy comes over, can't fix it, wrong thing entered, he can't do it...

saturday was a call saying our phone number would change & they would come on monday afternoon (between 12 & 2)....

sunday was another call thinking we couldn't move to monday, but then it was okay once i explained what we were told on saturday...

monday finally came -- 12 and 2 at about 2:30 saying they were running behind, do we still want it today -- YES -- between 3:30 & 4 the guy showed up...he is just now all finished....

but, so far so good! tvs looks good, phone worked fine, internet is working...and my brother is going to try & figure out if/how to get our real phone number back...we shall see!!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day!

hope everyone has a love filled day...

i have a laundry filled day. :)

and i am baking valentine's cookies right now. yum!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


so i have part of my spain trip taken apart, so i need to finish that and decide what pictures to reprint...then i will be ready to scrap them!! that's what i worked on at the crop on friday -- i also put together a class kit from missy :)

saturday was laundry and sleeping in...and i changed the headlight in my car!!! yay!!! nothing else too exciting on was power hour and homework, and we went out to my brother's for dinner...

this week will be quiet (i hope!!) -- friday is an early release which is usually nice...and then a week from monday is NO SCHOOL! yay!

off to bed! toodles!

Friday, February 06, 2009

crop away the night!

going to a crop at FKS tonight...not sure if i will do any pages, i think i am going to get my spain book sorted out so i can redo it...i need to go through my negatives from the trip (film??) that are already sorted & labeled with where i was in the country then, but i know i will need to order some to get my things together!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

redo or not?

i was just looking through my scrapbook of my trip to spain (created in summer 2000, after a january 2000 trip) -- things are falling off, and the pages aren't in the protectors, etc...i am contemplating re-doing it so it is safe & secure -- and also a more manageable size since the book i used is like 12x15 or maybe 15x18?? it is a big size and oddly, it is not very sturdy & the page protectors SUCK! i think i would keep a lot of the pages very similar to what they are now, but then i could get rid of envelopes with nothing in them, and fix spots where photos have come out, etc....

any opinions?