Tuesday, April 27, 2010

procrastination is a killer...

tomorrow is my final observation on my practicum. she will accept all my work then, as well, so that i won't have to mail it to her. however, it is a hassle to get everything together. i am working on it now (ok, not this exact moment as i am blogging). i have parts of it printed. parts of it finished. and all of it in some stage or another. i also have to get everything together for tomorrow!! i will have to make copies in the morning.

other than work, i have been scrapping lately. it has been fun, but sometimes it is a little overwhelming when there are people who are there -- some you like, some you meet, etc -- lots of crazy dynamics when it comes to a group of cropping women!!

i have also been working on graduation stuff -- a week and a half!!!! MAY 8 is the graduation...i sent out invites & announcements, but if i missed you & you would like one, just shoot me an email! the open house is on MAY 15!! come one, come all!

enjoying gLee and now back to the homework pile...

toodles :D

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