Monday, October 31, 2005

happy halloween!!


we had about 30-35 kids come through was raining and it was SOOOOO dark by the time they started!! our first kids came through a little after 6...our last one was about 10 'til 8...most were done before 7-ish...

as you can see, i have figured out how to get some photos up on my blog! woohoo!!! now i need to figure out how to get a photo into my profile...but, i will be sharing some photos here -- especially from my trip this past summer to ukraine to teach vacation bible school (VBS)...

this past weekend was busy...on saturday i took meghan to build-a-bear to create her birthday present -- she built a bear, named it molly & dressed it really cute in a pink & black outfit...we also spent some time just shopping at the mall -- i got some crocs (finally!) and a new purple leather coat,some jeans, a belt & a scarf...on sunday was sunday school & then meghan & i went to the zoo!! it was so FUN!

well, i am pooped out & need to get some sleep...nighty night all!

Diema, Anton & Paul showing off one of their crafts at VBS in Ukraine! Posted by Picasa

Elena, my Ukrainian "sister" and me on the train from Kyiv to Oleksandria. Posted by Picasa

This is my FIRST design team project for For Keeps Sake!! I altered an old grimey bulletin board with some fun colored paint & loads of fun papers & embellishments. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 28, 2005


i posted about my basket party on sunday & it never went through (according to my computer), so i reposted something on they are BOTH there!??!!? weird!!

this week was fairly calm -- no extra meetings at work, no crazy days with the kiddos, nothing extraordinary happened! woohoo!! i like weeks like that! i may even take some time & go SHOPPING tomorrow, just for me!! i want to try and find a new winter coat & i want to buy a pair of crocs (green, i think). :) i may also take meghan to get her birthday present -- i am taking her to build-a-bear (i promised her in august that i would take her for her birthday, lol) i have to go to the post office & mail offf some cards for a swap at cropper's cottage...sunday is sunday school as usual, but that is all, so i will be able to relax some :)

next week isn't too bad, but i have a feeling i will be sitting at work with ONE kid left until exactly 6 on halloween, and he will probably be the only one there by about 5...we have ONE boy who is ALWAYS the last to be picked up right at 6 o'clock when we are suppose to close...maybe, JUST MAYBE, he will get picked up early!!

after monday work should be normal as usual, but i am busy just about every night -- monday is halloween, tuesday is meghan's birthday party, wednesday is church, thursday is nothing (ahhh, so nice to do nothing) and friday is the start of the high school retreat at church...and, since i am the youth group leader, i get to go...i only have one main job, i am in charge of the "mixer" time on friday night, plus i told pastor i would help out with the rec time on saturday...i am not spending the night or any of the other stuff, though, unless they need my help with food or something simple like that...then that sunday my youthgroup is going to go SHOPPING to get a new Christmas tree to use as our Giving Tree...if we have money, we will also be buying some items to place ON the tree...

i feel like such a sloth on friday nights...all i want to do is go to bed & it isn't even 8 o'clock!! i am just so boring, lol...i need a night life, but i am afraid i would fall asleep right in the middle if i did...fridays are just TOO long!! working from 6:30 AM to 6 PM with a 1 hour break is just too much....especially at the end of the week!! BLECK

hugs and such to all...


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

basket party update

i never got an update up about my longaberger party last sunday!! i had TWO people at the party :( BUT, i took some catalogs to a few people who couldn't make it & i ended up with someone who couldn't make it having an $800+ order!! added to my other orders, i had a $1000+ show!! (and this is my SECOND $1000 show!! woohoo!)

so, since i had $1000 in orders, i got to pick THREE half-price items AND spend $125 in hostess dollars!! i ordered some mugs and other pottery, a COMPLETE christmas basket set for 2005, a fun basket that swivels & a Christmas present for my brother :) (plus some other various goodies)

i am excited -- i should be getting my order sheets tomorrow from my consultant...then in a few weeks i get the joy of making a ton of deliveries :)

OH, and i booked a party for january (so i got a booking gift of a cute little tote)...and if that party is $250+, then i get ANOTHER free basket!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

basket party update!

well, i ended up with TWO people at my basket party!! i thought it would end up being a DUD for sure, but i took catalogs to a couple of people that couldn't make it, so i had hopes for SOMETHING!!

so i get an email from my longaberger consultant, carla, and she lets me know that my Godmother had called her with an order and it was an order for $880!!!! so i ended up having a $1000 show!! woohoo!! with that i got to order 3 items at half-price and i got $125 to just i ordered some mugs, a set of Christmas baskets and a spinning basket with my half price items and picked out all sorts of fun goodies for the $125...PLUS, i booked a party for january because if i have a $250 show in january (since i had one in october), i get a FREE basket!! so, since i booked for january, i got to pick a free booking gift...i'm making out like a bandit with this party :)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

target practice....

so a friend asked HOW MANY targets are in my we go...

1) hampton village (new one)
2) fenton (one of my usual choices)
3) south county (my other usual choice)
4) kirkwood
5) chesterfield (about a half-hour away)

when you type in my zip code to, there are TEN that show up (it only lists infor for the top 3) i have A LOT of targets by me!!

the walk

the walk was AWESOME!! i ended up meeting my goal of $100...

there had to be close to 10,000 people at the walk, it was just AMAZING!! the team i was on, Crestwood Cares, had (it seemed) 30+ people! there were inflatable for the kids, free food for everyone (breakfast & lunch & lots of beverages), team photos, local was SO COOL & FUN!!

it was a truly inspiring experience to be walking with such a huge mob of people for a cause that is so important! whether there will every be a true "cure" for autism, the research being done can also benefit everyone by helping find techniques that work, even for one child/family...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

if only i got paid for going to target!

yesterday was a LONG day filled with walking & cleaning & shopping (oh my!)

i got up at 6 and did started some laundry...cleaned out my car...then i had the autism walk this morning -- very inspiring!! after the autism walk i went to the NEWEST target in my area...then i went home & relaxed a little & did some more laundry & finished picking up the living room....

after that i went to a DIFFERENT target to get a new bath mat!! mine was falling apart & i forgot it earlier in the day...i also went to costco to get food for my basket party tomorrow...i did a quick run to the LSS and bought a couple sheets of paper & some other goodies....when i got home i vaccuumed the living room, cleaned in the kitchen, made dinner and finished the laundry...

at 9 pm, i went to YET ANOTHER target!! i had to get some blocks for a game tomorrow with the baby shower at church...then i went to walmart to get paper goods for my basket party...then the grocery store for the final foods for tomorrow's party...i got home at about i was tired!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

what a weekend

i am so BUSY this weekend!!

it is a friday night & after working 10 1/2 hours today, i still came home & cleaned my bathroom & have been working on laundry & other cleaning...tomorrow i have to finish laundry & tomorrow is the Autism walk that i am participating in...and i babysit tomorrow evening...i have to shop for treats for my party and a baby shower gift...then sunday is sunday school followed by a baby shower at church and then i have my longaberger party that afternoon!!

i need/want to get some scrapping done this weekend, too...i have had no time to be creative at all this week!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

off to clean some more....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

yay me!!

i got an AWESOME call today!!

me (after wrestling my phone out of my purse while driving/closing my window/turning the raio down): hello
the voice: hi becky, this is nancy at for keeps sake and i wanted to let you know that our first design team meeting is going to be next tuesday at 6.
me: i'm guessing you want me to be there?
the voice: of course!!

so!!!! i have made a design team!!!!!!!!!! and it is at my all time favorite scrapbook store!!!!!!!!!

yay me!


GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!

they won last night (5 to 2) and they can won again tonight & then sweep the Astros in this series...then they will sweep whoever ends up being the winner in the AL so that they will win the World Series AT HOME at Busch Stadium before it gets torn down

GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

what food are you?

You Are Mexican Food
Spicy yet dependable. You pull punches, but people still love you.

what awesome news!

well, my friend wendy is FOR SURE preggo!! WOOHOO!! she went to her doctor yesterday & found out for sure that she was -- she is 6 weeks along & is due at the beginning of june...she goes later this month to hear the heartbeat :)

i have been checking out photos from memory trends (a craft/scrapbook materials show) -- it is all of the new products coming out soon -- there are SO MANY new and cool things!! how will i ever be able to afford all the fun new things?!?!!?

last night was NYOBC...the theme for this month into next is digital & traditional scrapping -- i am NOT going to do any digi!! i plan on RAKing the cd's with digi elements to some of my friends at cropper's cottage. the other stuff i plan on using -- or at least attempting! there are some fun little acrylic tiles to use -- i see them in a very fun title :) next month our ATCs are going to have a thankful theme -- i am going to make mine like little turkeys -- feathers in the back & then a cardstock head & beak -- maybe some googly eyes...once i get going they should go fairly quick & be pretty simple...

the kids at work this morning were SO CRABBY!!!!!!!!! i hope they are better this afternoon!! after work i went & did the exercise bike at the Y -- now i have been messing around on the computer...i need to take a shower before i go back to work this afternoon...then tonight is our monthly staff meeting...i need a day off, i am EXHAUSTED and need some time to sleep & get things day i will be able to rest & relax & do nothing!!! i just don't know when...

Monday, October 10, 2005

check it off the list!

today was a nice day at work...the kids were silly, but behaved nicely.

my class went well today -- it was our midterm exam...i finished it in about 30 minutes!! it was a lot of common sense stuff, just in textbook terms! i think i did well on it, too :) i also had to turn in a bunch of reading responses today -- i had 6 that were required & one that was for extra credit (which i did!) week i should find out what my current grade is :)

i have been working on cleaning for my party next weekend -- i got the living room picked up (for the most part) and the kitchen taken care of the living room i just have a little picking up to do, vaccuuming & dust a i need to do dishes, clean the stove & counter & floor & finish clearing the junk off the table...i also have to clean my bathroom & pick up my room & the back bedroom in case someone goes down there...

tomorrow's plan is: work, YMCA to work out, clean/shower/etc, work, class at scrapbook store, relax...

i have also been packing up a ton of books that we are going to donate to the Greater St. Louis Book Fair -- -- we have 4 full boxes already & more to pack up!! luckily they will pick up if you have more than 3 boxes :) we have YEARS, no DECADES worth of National Geographic magazines to donate, if they will accept them :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

all in a days work!

the car wash was a success, in my eyes at least!! we washed a dozen cars & raised over $88 to buy a new Giving Tree and possibly some items to hang on the tree to get it started up this Christmas season...

i just finished the last of my 7 journal reflections for my Foundations in Education class. six were required and one was for extra credit. i still need to work on reviewing and studying for my midterm tomorrow, but i am doing alright!!

this weekend i got quite a bit done -- 5 loads of laundry, homework, a car wash, Sunday School, some cleaning, 2 scrapbook pages and i ran some errands yesterday! i have to go put gas in my car tonight (murder at $2.87 a gallon!!!!) and then study...

this week will be busy -- work every day, class tomorrow, scrapbook book club on tuesday night, work meeting on wednesday night, i have the autism walk on saturday, babysitting saturday i have to clean and prepare for my longaberger basket party next sunday afternoon!!

well, i must be off -- you see all i have to do!! lol

dress warmly & carry a big sponge

today is the youthgroup car wash -- it is also barely 40 degrees right now! we have about 3 or so more hours until we start, so it should be warmer by then, but it isn't going to be as warm as we would like! we are collecting money when we wash the cars to help buy a new Christmas tree for the youthgroup to use -- we manage the Giving Tree at our church each year and collect toiletries, etc for local charities. last year i threw away the tree because it was missing branches and was just disgusting looking...there is a point when the charlie brown christmas tree look doesn't work anymore!! -- a flash of various photos from katrina -- some are graphic, so be aware -- it shows the tragedy, the dispair, the distruction, but it also shows the hopes, the love, the help...

off to finish getting ready for church & collect a few things to take to church for the day of sharing!!


Friday, October 07, 2005


thank God it's friday NIGHT! every friday i work 10 1/2 hours -- today was about 15 minutes was a whirl-wind of rooms and children and ages and abilities (school age, then onto full day pre-k, then more school agers, then special needs part day kids and then toddlers)...the only group i did NOT work with today was PAT (parents as teachers), although that probably could have been arranged if i had asked!

this weekend is going to be BUSY, but it is a change in pace from the typical...tomorrow i have to work on homework & do laundry...i also want to get some scrapping done & try to relax a little...sunday is sunday school & then our church's day of sharing where the youthgroup is doing a car wash -- i hope it isn't TOO chilly on sunday so the teens don't freeze washing cars, lol...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

yay for me!!

i am very VERY excited!! my dell laptop came yesterday!! i ordered it online on sunday afternoon from & it came on wednesday! what awesome & quick service! i bought a refurbished dell inspiron 600m. it is small & light and it works wonderfully!! i have to get things off of my dad's computer and put them on here, but it is working out well so far! i can have the background & screensaver i want & download whatever songs or pictures or games i want without having to worry about taking up space on someone else's computer.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

mail me to the moon

i had to run to the post office today to buy some stamps -- they were short handed & it took me close to 15 minutes to buy 2 books of stamps!! i was surprised at the time it took, but the people who were working were very polite about it & apologized for the time it took :) what good people!!

i have so many things to be mailed today -- but they are all stamped & addressed & in the mailbox with the flag up!! i had to mail reminders to my youthgroup kids about what events we have this fall and stuff about our car wash on sunday...i also had some invites for my longaberger party to a survey i had gotten from AAA...all's done & all's ready to go! woohoo!!

hope the mail comes before i have to head back to work...

i almost forgot! i tied for 3rd place in a layout contest at cropper's cottage!! woohoo!!!!!!! i won some papers & embellishments from Making Memories, one of my all-time favorite brands of scrapbook supplies

Monday, October 03, 2005

i'm so excited!!

my friend is almost 100% sure she is pregnant!! woohoo!!! her & her hubby have been trying for quite a while now, so it is even more exciting...FOUR pregnancy tests showed positive, so i told her not to worry too too much -- she goes to her doctor on the 11th, but the RN at her dr's office not to worry too much, 4 tests is usually enough!!

VW is awesome to lease from!! my car is awesome, even after 2 years, and i just got a card from them wishing me a happy 2nd, they sent a car air freshner in with the card, so now my car will smell nice

Dude! i'm getting a dell!! my new laptop should be here by next monday -- YAY!!!! i am very excited, and i know my dad will be happy to have me off of his computer :)

today i had an essay due for my Foundations in Education monday we have a mid term exam & 6 reading responses due! i need to get cracking on it so that i am ready for the test & getting the papers done...i hate homework!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

la de dah dah

well, i have heard about one of the scrapbook design teams i went for...i did NOT make the team at -- i am VERY impressed by the women who DID make the team...i wasn't even expecting anything to come of this one, but it is still disappointing that nothing came of it :( but, there may be chances in the future to be a guest designer, etc. with cropper's cottage...

the other design team i went for is through my local scrapbook store -- For Keeps Sake -- this is one that i would like to be a part of because the store is such an awesome place & the women who work there and do design stuff for the store are so wonderful!! this, to me, was a littl emore promising, but i am (trying to) not get my hopes up too high!! i don't know how much rejection i can take, lol

i have just been feeling crappy lately -- i think it is just allergies or a cold, but i need a day off to sleep & get myself better...not sure when that is going to happen!

this week is the same old stuff -- no extra meetings or long afternoons at work -- but next week is our car wash for youthgroup at church as a part of the day of sharing we are having!! it is going to be fun, i just hope there are a lot of teens who come & help out!

well, off to bed to try & feel a little better tomorrow!!