Sunday, May 23, 2010

photo time

i now have some graduation photos from barb (THANKS!) so i will post a couple...first is me with my diploma (cover), can you see how my hood is all over my shoulder? it was SO windy!!...then it is me & my friends tina & barb...i am sad because i did not get a photo with my dad! but, since i get to keep the cap & gown & everything, maybe we will stage a photo shoot -- then i can get my brother in a pic, too!

btw, i am going to put together a little something to send to MARY JO as she was my only comment last time! Mary Jo, email me your addy & i will mail or bring something by :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i am such a slacker, i know! i would post graduation photos, but the ones my dad took are not all that hot, so i am hoping to get the ones that barb & tina took (hint!!!)

mad science is finished for the semester, not sure if i will be doing any summer camp times or not...will be working summer school (meeting tomorrow night on that)...going to the grand tetons/yellowstone with a bunch of middle school sitting later in the summer...not much else, just waiting to find out more on student teaching for this fall...

lots of scrapping happening lately...and i found a box of photos (some of my brother, a ton of me, and some of both of us or my parents) so i am a happy scrapper!!

open house was fun :) i need to get going on thank you notes!!! maybe i will take those to work on before the meeting tomorrow...

hope all is well with everyone! :) comment & let me know what is new with you :)


Monday, May 10, 2010

life as we know it!

i am officially a graduate! saturday was chilly & very windy, but the speakers were good & it was a very sincere attitude from all the staff working the graduation...maybe not as organizer as it could have been, but it was a wonderful morning!!

i need to upload the few photos i have from my dad, and once i get others from barb & tina i will be set & will post some :)

now, i am in finish up this week mode so i can party on saturday!!!

toodles :)

Sunday, May 02, 2010


it must be summer because i smell our house, noxzema is what we use on a sunburn...and i have a sunburn...

went to a flea market today with barb & nancy (& caleb came, too)...i split a box of tile samples with nancy & that's it! there were some nice items that were too pricey for me (like a cool vintage shopping cart that would be perfect for my mini books) and a lot of items that probably should have been trashed versus sold...

just a few weeks left of school (at work) and less than a week until graduation! i have to be at the Muny at 7:30 on saturday morning...that evening i will be attending meghan's dance recital :)

hope all is well in blogworld...i should be able to post more since i am done with my practicum...