Sunday, October 12, 2008

tie a string around your finger!

don't forget to donate for my friend renee who is running for SSM rehab!! more info a few posts back -- and don't forget that i will be doing a drawing for some sort of goodie (scrapbook related if you are a scrappy pal, some other wonderful thing if not) amongst my friends who read my blog who donate!!

in other news...lots of homework due this week since it is the last week of term -- i finished my iMovie about ukraine for thursday night and am finishing response questions that i have to email by noon tomorrow...then i have a lesson plan to finish that is due on tuesday!! then it will be a week off and i will be VERY HAPPY!

this week has something almost every night...monday is a haircut, tuesday & thursday are class, and friday is a crop :) saturday is shopping with barb & nancy :) wednesday would be church, but pastor is going to china for 25 days, and it is a layman who will be doing church, and i won't be going on wednesdays because of that -- i will try and make some sunday services while he is gone since it will be people who are ordained for some of them...

other than that....nothing new!

i need to get some photos taken of pages i completed recently...soon! i promise!!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

2-3 posts ago is about my friend renee & her running for SSM rehab -- i will close my drawing on october 31, and so far, i have one person, so we may already have a winner!!!

not much is happening lately, friday i get to crop, so that will feel good since i haven't cropped since september 19!!! i have to get photos printed for a book i am hoping to finish -- it is from a class barb & i took at FKS a couple years ago with lance from rusty pickle...i have photos pulled together, i just need to get them uploaded to costco so i can order them!!

tomorrow is powerhour and homework and laundry...what an exciting life i lead!! i also plan on posting some pages i did recently :)


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

blah blah blah

i am wiped out, i need a day to sleep, which i think i may get this weekend!!!

this past week was busy with classes and homework and work and cleaning and a green party (well, renee & i had fun, lol)...i babysat friday night, and i may be babysitting on saturday :)

power hour seems to be going well -- i have planned out my stories for the rest of this calendar year, and even some of the crafts :) only one movie day in the works -- the weekend of the FKS retreat!

i didn't make the cut in the jenni bowlin contest, but i am happy with what i created...

i have 4 class times left this term, 2 of each, then i get a week off before starting all over again!! next term is monday & tuesday nights...yay...and my classes seem cool next term -- one i don't need a book for (and we get to do a photo essay!!!) and the other, i have had the teacher and i know we won't be there the full 4 hours every week :)

after this semester, i will have 4 classes left (2 i can take through the community college for less $$) and then practicum & student teaching!! i am praying that i can find a provisionally certified job for next school year...then i get paid while still finishing my certification!!

don't forget to check my last post to donate for my friend renee who is going to be running a marathan for SSM rehab!! so far i have one person in my drawing, so it may well be a big sweep for her!!!