Tuesday, November 29, 2011


oh happy day!  i am just about finished with my christmas shopping!  my dad's are ordered & my brother's are bought...need to get a few little things, but nothing major.  will start wrapping soon!  that is my favorite part!  still need to decide about cards so i can get them out...i think i will just buy some...

need to figure out the swap i am in, though, the altered tin i was working on has flopped on me, so i need to figure something out (will be checking at hobby lobby tomorrow afternoon)...

Today I am thankful for birthday emails!  My birthday is in a week, so the emails from companies have started to come in...and I already used one today! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011


what a productive day, even though it felt like i completed nothing!  work was quiet, but i finished up the comprehension sheets for the reading program we use...i also did some grading & entering of grades...tomorrow will be a simpler day, too, as in math we have a lot of catching up to do (3 out of 5 kiddos missed last tuesday when there was a test) and then i am in PE with a student -- just need to make sure i dress in warm clothes!!  after work i didn't go to hobby lobby or target like i had hoped to, but i made 2 lunches, got a haircut, made breakfast, and got everything together for mad science this week...what a life!  tomorrow is work & mad science...i am thinking i will go to target on the way home then stop and get dinner...

Today I am thankful for companies that care!  Two emails in the past 3 days stating that items I ordered had shipped (one I just ordered today and it should be here by Friday)...plus, I paid of my car, but VW called because I wrote a different amount on the check (written & numerical were different)...good companies make me smile. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


what an awesome weekend!  i enjoyed my time with friends and family.  i also had the chance to get some cleaning and errands finished.  a fe to finish after work tomorrow, but i am also going to do some cyber monday shopping tomorrow, too, so i can be finished with my dad's Christmas gifts! 

spent some time yesterday & today crafting for a swap i am in -- i am excited with how it is all going right now, so i hope it continues to go as planned!  i will continue on it tomorrow & (hopefully) finish!

Today I am thankful for the library and the services they provide.  Why bother paying to rent a movie?  Check it out for free at the library!  Books at your disposal.  Magazines, newspapers, CDs, resources galore...love it!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


went to the rock n roll craft fair today (fun, unique crafts made by local artists)...then headed to jilly's cupcakes -- yummy, but huge cupcakes...finished the laundry this afternoon...christmas tree is up and some of the ornaments are ready to go on...worked on some crafting this afternoon, too!  gotta love a productive saturday!

Today I am thankful for small businesses and people who are willing to work for what they have!  Way to go!

Friday, November 25, 2011


what a "black friday"!  met barb for breakfast at white castle at 9:20 & a trip to for keeps sake...got some stamps & other goodies...headed to best buy to make a return (and they were not doing returns until noon, gr!)...then onto the teachers' store and target...it was not bad at all; it was almost like shopping on a saturday morning...this evening my dad & i went to dinner & stopped at shop 'n save -- no traffic, not too many people...there were police doing some traffic directing at the one shopping center (at an intersection without a light), but it was not bad at all...

Today I am thankful for crafty and generous friends!  At breakfast, Barb gave me a few items she will not use, but I will :)  She also brought me a fun table runner that Nancy made!  Woo hoo!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

11-24-11 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  Today was spent with my Godparents and their family -- tons of food, tons of fun, tons of blessings to enjoy!  I hope your day was wonderful, too!!

Today I am thankful for the people God has placed in my life -- especially my Godparents.  Since my mother passed away, we have been included in all their big family Thanksgivings (I think there were about 40 people there today!).

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


what a day!!  chinese for lunch with meghan & co.  then we headed to upcycle exchange and got some bargain craft supplies...last stop was the mall for 2 stops -- which turned into way more...one store frustrated me...the other went well...ended up up grading my phone!  woohoo!!

Today I am thankful for the first responders (police, fire fighters, EMTs, etc).


oopsie daisy!  here is tuesday's post...

one of my least favorite days at work -- an easy day, but we had our big, all-school assembly at the end of the day.  it is a loud, chaotic event that makes me claustrophobic...the kids have fun, a lot of the teachers seem to have fun...i wait right at the doorway to try to have a little more silence...some teachers (and TAs) hide out and do ???  sometimes i wish i could hide out, but i know that some of our kids need us and the break from the noise we can provide.

Today I am thankful for Tuesday-Fridays that usher in 5-day weekends!!

Monday, November 21, 2011


the monday of a 2 day work week is magical!  the traffic was minimal, the kids were working hard & well behaved, it was a wonderful day!  now, tomorrow is a big all-school assembly, so we will see how that goes, but i will admit it is not something i am looking forward to!!!  it is a mass of chaos and noise...

Today I am thankful for the world of medicine & the discoveries that have made lives better.  I am thankful for life.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


not too much excitement today -- which was just fine with me!  meghan sang at church with the kids choir, then we finished set-up for a baby shower & set up the giving tree...after that was sunday school (the story of joseph forgiving his brothers today)...meghan's mom picked her up then so they could spend time with her grandma from kc and i stayed at church for the baby shower...lots of good food and fun times and wonderful gifts for baby lilly (who will be here the 28th, if not sooner!)...

2 day work week!  then a 5 day weekend!! :)

Today I am thankful for the kids I work with (work, church, babysitting) -- they show their appreciation and it makes the day awesome!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


beautiful weather to start the day today...clouded up and a cold front is headed our way.  it is suppose to rain tonight or tomorrow...sunday is going to be sunday school & church (meghan is singing) and then a baby shower for the pastor's daughter-in-law.  i may also start working on the giving tree :)  this year we are going to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charity again...i have a list ready to hang with what they really want/need. :)

Today I am thankful for computer glitches, lol, but only certain ones!  I am a member of Godiva chocolate's "club" and get a free piece of chocolate each month.  I went to one of the stores earlier this month and enjoyed a free piece...went to purchase something for a friend today, and was told to pick my free piece for the month!  This was some sort of glitch that was in my favor!

Friday, November 18, 2011



it was a fun day at work -- glad i had taken in gloves/scarf/hat/etc for when i am in PE with a student, though!  they plan to (and can) go out with the kids until it hits 20!!  eek!  it was pretty relaxing and the kids were well behaved today, so it made for a great friday!
mad science meeting went quickly, & traffic on the way home was the best it has been all year :)
dinner at noodles & co with meghan followed by cornerstone at church -- they learned to set the table properly :)

Today I am thankful for a car that is paid off!  I mailed the final check today, so by mid-December I should have the official deed from VW Credit!  woohoo!!


(oops, another post a day late!)...

work, costco, target, hobby lobby, and the gas station...all while not feeling the best :(

plus, my new, cute, ruffly coat that i bought this past weekend will be returned this coming weekend -- it already tore in the lining!!  so sad!! :(

Today I am thankful for the chance to be creative and craft for others.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


not sure what to blog about, lol...any ideas or questions for me?  what would you like to see or read about here?  nothing much happened today -- not feeling the best, but no fever, so that is a plus...

very sad day in the area - the boy i mentioned yesterday that was murdered, was (allegedly) beaten to death by his own mother...some stories i have seen say she has confessed to hitting the baby when he would not stop crying and go to sleep...

Today I am thankful for parents who love me and knew that there were better ways to discipline than to hit.


tuesday wiped me out!  it was certainly an interesting day with the kiddos at work, and mad science was fun (even with the 20+ minutes of clean-up before and after class)...getting home when it is dark ruins my evening, lol...even though i was home by about 5:45, i was ready for bed as soon as i pulled my car into the garage it was so dark...and i get this joy for quite awhile!  another day like that for wednesday (not as late home) and thursday...such is my life!

Today I am thankful for safety.  There was a young (18 month old) baby taken from his home and murdered today and I am thankful the body was found, but I am grieving for the family and their loss. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


sleepy...i am loving the light on my drive to work in the morning, but the dark by 5 is killing me!  i need more sleep anyway, but the darkness makes it seem so so late and then i do not want to do anything...soon enough i will get some sleep and things will start to feel slightly normal again!!

Today I am thankful for a comfortable bed, pillows I can squish, and quilts and blankets to keep me warm.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


meghan had some interesting insight into her christmas wishes/wants this weekend....
a few items from her list:
1) colored/patterned duck tape (to make things from) -- especially pink zebra print
2) a styrofoam head
3) an earring stand/organizer
4) a label maker
5) a life size skeleton (like on all the tv shows & movies so she can dance with it)

oh to be 12 again!!!

Today I am thankful for Meghan.  Who else gets a girl like that and gets to "give them back" to their parents at the end of the day?  She is a blessing!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


had an awesome time at a fun crop with some wonderful friends!  i was very productive -- finished the 12 cards for the swap i am in plus 8 pages :)  celebrated tina & rick's anniversary and barb's birthday -- a good time was had by all :)

Today I am thankful for falling gas prices -- it is at $2.99 a gallon here!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


what a fun day!  i was busy, as usual, but i thought it was fun to experience 11-11-11 (and i even made a wish at 11:11) :)  also loved seeing the flags out for veteran's day -- and i loved it even more when we were out at the mall & meghan saw a young lady in army fatigues -- she wanted me to walk over with her so she could wish the woman a happy veteran's day and thank her for her service!  what an awesome kid!!!!

Today I am thankful for the military and their families...and especially the sacrifices they have made for our country and freedoms.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


i am wiped out!  work went well (a 1/2 day for the kids & training)...the student i work the most with, was out with flu-like symptoms...hope he is better next week!  tomorrow i don't have to work, but i do have to make a mad science run...not sure what else may happen during the day -- i know i need to go to costco & possibly target...then in the afternoon meghan is coming over!  yay!

Today I am thankful for beds with warm quilts.  I love my t-shirt quilt, even though it is getting ratty.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


more craziness coming my way, but it is a good craziness!  this weekend is a 3-day weekend, but i have an all day crop on saturday and a lot of errands to finish before then...i also need to bake some cookies before then!  trying to figure out some things for next weekend, too, as i won a free family pass to an event in chicago -- need to determine if i can make it & if anyone wants to join me...we shall see what happens!!!

Today I am thankful for the internet and what we can get from it -- I love having friends right there that I can chat with when phone calls are not an option.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


i have less than 150 pages left in the stephen king novel i have been reading -- "under the dome" -- it is an interesting story about a town trapped under a dome of unknown origin...it is not the typical king novel full of scary clowns or creepy girls...it has been (for the first 900+ pages) about the distrust that can occur in a small town, especially in the wake of a major crisis situation...as usual for  king novel, it is set in maine...seeing as i have family in maine & have been there many times, i recognize some of the town names and some of the dialect and regional terms that are used (do you know what chop suey is in new england?)...

Today I am thankful for the weather -- no matter how severe the changes in St. Louis, we always have the weather that is needed.  God is the ultimate meteorologist...too bad he doesn't tell use the forecast!

Monday, November 07, 2011


Today was an interesting day at work -- wrangling in some kiddos who needed to do make-up testing, sitting through PE/health, monitoring lunch (and getting a few lost & found items back with their owners), watching some 8th graders attempt to act (one pair was on their second try & one of the boys still did not know his lines), and sitting in a science class while they took a quiz and measured the mass of pennies...so interesting...but it did give me time to read -- i am about 75% finished with "Under the Dome" by Stephen King...

Today I am thankful for carpooling.  It makes the drive seem quicker, and it is a great way to help the environment & save some gas money! :)

Sunday, November 06, 2011


the end of an era happened this afternoon...i went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 at the "cheap" theater near my house.  this was the 3rd time i saw it on the big screen...it comes out on DVD on friday...the final time to see the final movie on the big screen.  :(

Today I am thankful for a supportive church family who are polite and work hard.  They support their Sunday School teachers (like me) and want what is best for the children in the program. :)


how fun!!  the trivia night was a little long (he took his time, that is for sure, but it was FUN!  our team came in 2nd!  we got 1/2 out payment back & a "wings & fries" party for coming in 2nd :)  some very simple questions, and some that were really tricky, too...a fun night -- and i need more trivia nights!!

Today I am thankful for weekends and the fun & relaxation that happens during them!

Saturday, November 05, 2011


such a long day...so long i didn't get a chance to post yesterday!  but, here is a post for friday :)  i will try and remember to post more later tonight for saturday :)

work was nice -- a group of students were at camp, so i did not feel as rushed and crazy as some days.  after work my friend & i went to mad science for the weekly meeting & kit swap...it went a little longer than usual and we ended up in the horrid friday afternoon rush hour traffic!  after (finally) getting back to my car, i had to stop & get gas before meeting my dad for dinner and then go to a 31 bag party with my friend, barb.  i left the house at 6:10 a.m. and made it home right about 10 p.m.  a long day, but it was filled with wonderful people and fun times!!

Today I am grateful for friends to spend time with, and friends who are too far away to spend time with.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


Such a busy week!  The next six weeks are going to be so busy -- I have Mad Science 3 afternoons a week!  All sorts of craziness with that, but it is going to be nice to have the pay from it. :)  This weekend includes a 31 party & crop, Mad Science, a possible trivia night, maybe some stuff for Meghan's birthday, Sunday School.  Next week looks much the same, except that Saturday includes an all day crop. :)

Today I am thankful for my family.  I have extended family a few places around the country, and they are all wonderful.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


This adorable girl is now 12.  Not sure how this happened!  Just a moment ago she was a tiny sweet thing...not to say she is not still sweet & pretty tiny (ok, now she is lanky!)...so 

Today I am thankful for a job that is fun and interesting.  Life is never dull at either of my jobs!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


So I saw some posts about doing certain things every day during the month of November.  I think I am going to try to do 2 that I saw...
1) post every day on my blog
2) somehow show gratitude every day for something -- i plan to include this in my daily blog posts

so what is new with me -- work, mad science, and not too much else!  not too many trick-or-treaters last night -- best was a little girl dressed as cotton candy (and smelled like it, too!)...

I am grateful for the positive change to my financial life.