Saturday, July 26, 2008

what to do???

i turn 30 in less than 6 months...

i want to do something fun & exciting...

a trip someplace new & different?

a big bash for my friends?

something for charity?

any suggestions????

Thursday, July 24, 2008

past faves

so my pal, mary jo, posted about some of her faves from high school & middle school

these are things from late elementary, middle, & high school for me...
fave band: New Kids on the Block -- i loved donnie, &, in 6th grade, thought i would be able to marry him, lol...went to their concert at busch stadium...
fave shoes: k-swiss -- mine were always canvas...they were the "cool" version of keds & the other cheapy versions at k-mart
fave movie: an american tale -- i loved the mouse getting back together with his family!! i think i own it now on DVD!
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fave actor: corey haim -- although i would never watch his new show with corey feldman, lol, that is too freaky for me!!
fave tv show: the cosby show -- especially before it got really weird at the end with added family members who would randomly move in....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

i HATE sears!

we need new "drip pans" for the is a tappan, bought at sears in 1991...looked it up said i could find compatible parts at the local sears appliance outlet/parts store...

i go in, walk around and see stoves, no replacement one offers any help...i see a display of part, nothing i one offers to help me; although two girls - they did not act like women - were sitting at the counter having a conversation...walked back by the stoves...still no help...went back by the parts...FINALLY one of the girls says "can i help you find something"...i show her what i am looking for, her (snotty) reply, "those are in the other room...i think on the back wall" i go to that room...look around to find what i am looking offers of help (with 3-4 employees wandering around)...i find one of what i need (i need 2 different sizes)....i stand there for 5-10 MINUTES looking for the other size...employees help people right next to me, but do not offer to help...FINALLY one person comes to me and says what they have is out and he could assist me in ordering what i need (if they have it available) apology, no nothing...when i say i don't want to pay shipping and that is why i looked online & saw that the store carried them and that is why i came...he only said he could order them...

sears sucks!

Friday, July 18, 2008

studio calico!

i ordered 2 kits from studio calico at the end of june -- may's newsstand and june's apple orchard! they shipped super quick & i love the way they package their kits :) the little ledger sticker is adorable and i have saved the coupon code coupons that come in each kit because i have plans in the works for them!!


i have used the newsstand up (i have some scraps left) creating a mini album to use with photos of my godson, ian...i will probably make some mats and such with the rest of the scraps so all i will have to do is glue down photos

i have also been using the apple orchard kit...some of the papers i like too much and am having a hard time bringing myself to cut them up, lol...but i did make one layout from it and have plans for more!!

now, once school starts up again i just may "subscribe" to these kits, too!! eek!

toodles & happy scrapping!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

11 days?!

really? it has been 11 days since i posted?! wow! it doesn't feel like that long, lol

nothing has been happening in my life, lol...
since the 6th i have been cropping a lot, doing homework (all i have left for my summer class is one paper that is due the 30th), cleaning, finishing up summer school, visiting friends, shopping, and tomorrow i will be babysitting! what an exciting life i lead!!


i have taken a few photos lately -- some of a rainbow on last friday, and some of the egrets in the left over flood water along the bottom road near my house...very cool! once i get them off the camera i might post them...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

pool party!

yesterday i went to a pool party at my friend kathy's house -- love the house, love the dogs, love the food, love the pool (salt water!), love the friends, love the fun!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

grateful for power!

our power went out this evening (a storm came through, but the electric company says the cause is yet to be determined) was out for a little under an hour, and it was back an hour before the estimated time...a happy time (now!)

hope you are having a well lit time!


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

grateful for page swaps!

before scrap etc in april, i was a part of an 8x8 page swap...yesterday i printed my photos and glued them down! i journaled and created an extra page or 2 and then decorated the cover of the book i am using :) i need to get longer posts to hold the book together (or maybe i will just go with rings??) and i still have paper & pages i can use if i want to...