Monday, July 03, 2006

what a sale!!

my LSS -- For Keeps Sake (link to your right) -- had a progressive sale....Friday everything in the back room was 50% off, Saturday 60% off, Sunday 75% off and today 90% off!!!! i spent $11, instead of $102!! WOOHOO!!!! got some awesome deals & some very fun things to play with soon :)

i hope it cools off soon, i want to clean my car out today...otherwise i will go down & scrap some...

made some macaroni salad today -- and my hard boiled eggs were PERFECT! i have never done that before! yummy!!! i love macaroni salad, and i made enough to last us a few days, so it is all good :)

at some point this week i need to go get some sunscreen & bug repellant for my trip -- i hear the mosquitos i minnesota are as big as cars -- i saw an ad for "Bull Frog Sunblock" that is BOTH a sunscreen & a bug repellant, i just hope i can find some & that it isn't too too expensive...other than that, i think i am ready for the trip :)

toodles for now!

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Mary Jo said...

That was a great sale!!
I didn't do quite as good as you, but I saved 50% off my $50 total