Saturday, July 22, 2006


or power as the case may be!! our power went out at 6 P.M. on was back on about 6:30 P.M. today (Saturday!)...spent 2 nights here (the cooler ones) and one night we slept at church :) tooks lots of drives & trips to just sit at church...lots of eating out...tomorrow will be going to the grocery store, etc...

here are some pictures of the damages around town & the clean-up/electrical crew that came today from iowa & alabama!!!

Tree at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary -- uprooted with tombstones attached! Tombstones are of "Unknown U.S. Soldier"s and most likely from the Civil War era...probably before the tree was planted!
Men trimming & moving the tree that broke and caused all our chaos of no power for 3 days!
Man up in a cherry picker working on the wires.
FIVE of the SEVEN trucks that fixed out neighborhood right up!
The company that was nice and let its crews come to St. Louis to help -- most of our trucks were from Iowa, and 1 was from Alabama!! THANK YOU!

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