Monday, July 31, 2006

bad blogger!

i have been around...not doing too too much, just hanging out!

tomorrow i am meeting up with a lady i used to work with for lunch -- she is also going to do one of the references i need for a job i am applying for! i haven't seen her since the end of may, so it will be nice to just get together and chat for a bit...

today i worked some at the LSS helping to bag up make 'n' take kits for saturday...i will be doing more of that in the next couple days as well :)

stopped at the post office today, and going to end up beck there tomorrow -- today i needed stamps for resumes -- tomorrow i will be mailing off some swaps & such to all reaches of the country...

it has been HOT here lately!! hit over 100 today, and that is WITHOUT the 70% humidity!!!!!! i am so happy our power is working just fine (knock on wood, lol)

gas got up to $3.09 a gallon (and usually missouri is pretty low compared to other places) but it is down to $2.92! woohoo!!

i have been a library fiend lately -- it all started when my neighbor, matthew, wanted to check out some CDs and does not have a card -- so i checked them out for him...i have read about 6-8 library books in the past month, watched 2 movies and listened to some CDs of my own!! in fact, i have a book i need to finish so i can return the book tomorrow!! eek!

"the last templar" by raymond khoury is my current read! it is a wonderful novel. it is coming from the same vein of thought as "the da vinci code" and so many other books right now, but this one has a fresh twist to it! knights destroying the Met in archeologist falling for a CIS agent...diving for blends together the world of 1291 and how what happened then affects the people of post 9/11 NYC (and the world)...i have a little over 100 pages to go!! i should be reading rather than blogging, lol

"educating esme" is another book that i just finished -- my teacher this past fall read us parts of it, but i saw it at the library and had to check it out! now i want to find a copy to buy :)

i have been able to do some scrappin' just for me lately...i desperately need to get my table cleaned off so i can scrap at the table! i have been sitting on the FLOOR to scrap!! it is very tiring to do this...

well, i think that is about what has been happening in my life lately! blog ya' later!


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