Sunday, July 23, 2006

fillin' the fridge...

went to costco -- bought some meatballs for the freezer & then a bunch of other needed, but non refridgerated items (paper towels, bottled water, etc)

went to dierbergs -- stocked the fridge & freezer well

went to my brothers -- got our food from his fridge & freezer (not too much, but some)

i guess we will go to omaha steaks this week & get some more meat!

other than that -- i have an interview tomorrow at 11 for a travel agent position -- would certainly be a fun & exciting thing if i got to travel!! i also have an interview on wednesday for a preschool teaching position...


1 comment:

Mary Jo said...

Just filled up the fridge on Saturday! Hoping all the while that our power wouldn't go out again :)
Good luck with your interviews!!!