Saturday, July 01, 2006

saturday night...

i was able to scrap again today -- WOO!! i got 4 pages done -- one just for me & 3 in my circle journal, so it is ready to go in a few weeks!! i even started to sort through my area (again!) and have a box going to go to a good home (need to find a charity or something to take some of it) to finish cleaning it, but that will take some time, lol

all the laundry got done today, which is truly a miracle, lol, it always takes a day & a half because i get to lazy to go down & bring the last load up...but everything is done!!

nothing else happened today...tomorrow is a (quick) meeting at church with the girl who is going to minnesota with me, so that will be fun! this time next week i will be in minnesota (hopefully at a hotel for the night)...


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