Wednesday, July 05, 2006

upcoming stuff...

well, i have an INTERVIEW is a consulting/counciling/sales position with forever network (funeral homes, cemetaries, funerals, cremations, they also do digital slide shows & videos for funerals, families, military members, schools, businesses, etc) who knows!!

so, thursday will be the interview & i need to go get my bull frog sunscreen (my neighbor said i could find it at Uncle Sam's miliatry surplus type place....i have always wanted to go there, lol)...i also want to go take pictures around my church for use on the webpage we are creating...

friday is laundry, packing for minnesota, cleaning out the car, etc...i am also planning on seeing my pal wendy that day! then i get to see my Godson, Ian! yay!!

then saturday i leave!!! i hope to be able to blog while i am gone, so keep checkin' & see what life is like in minnesota, lol

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