Monday, July 10, 2006

Road Trip - Day 2 - MINNESOTA

Bloomington Lutheran Church

Carolyn playing in the sand at a beach on Sugar Lake

Part of the presentation about "Sharing Jesus, Our Treasure, With Others" put on by Pastor David Russow.

minnesota does not mark their roads well, so it is very easy to get lost at various points during the day and go at least 100 miles out of the way back tracking ans probably should have taken about 3 hours, it took almost 5 (maybe more!)...i was frustrated, pissed, crabby...but FINALLY!!! the real test will be tomorrow when we try and LEAVE!

internet not working last night when we got in, that's why you are getting day 2 now :)

dinner, devotion & some free time...nothing too exciting...

i will try and get on again tomorrow (probably in whatever hotel we stay at tomorrow night on our way home)...


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