Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving blessings!

today was wonderful!!!

my dad & i went to church and i sat by him and hannah (one of my sweet little ones i babysit, the miracle baby!)...beautiful singing and music, a nice sermon, can you ask for anything else during a church service??

after church we came home for a little bit before going to my godparents' house for thanksgiving lunch...too much food (that was all delicious), lots of time to talk with friends, and finding out about another blessed baby on the way! their family is pretty fertile, lol...i got to hold a sweet one named silas, and get hugs from my buddy carter...just to spend time talking with jackie, paul, marilyn, and kari -- what a wonderful afternoon!!

this evening, i went to michaels! they were open from 6-9 tonight!! there were a lot of people, but the lines were moving and they had some great deals -- i got cricuit cartridges from $30 (versus $90!!)...i also go a foof-a-la album kit for over 50% off!! it ws fun to just get out and do a little shopping...

yesterday was fun!! i went to the bank & target then i picked up barb -- we started at FKS to put together the chunky books -- took us a long time, and there were 5 people working on them! it was fun, though, and the books look awesome! after that we went to casual male -- got a christmas gift for my dad -- then up to west county center! chick-fil-a for lunch (YUM!!!) then lane bryant, macy's for lush bath products, and a couple quick stops...i got more receipts for my black card and got my first set of coupons (AWESOME DEALS there!!!)...after the mall we went to costco - soda & pizza - and i put gas in my car there -- $1.29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!

i hope you have all had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

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