Tuesday, November 25, 2008

break time!

i am now officially on thanksgiving break!! tomorrow is errands & shopping & helping with christmas chunky books...that is about all, but i know it will be nice to be out and getting things finished! if i have time in the evening, i plan on getting homework complete :)

tukey smash was this afternoon -- lots of fun, but it was VERY NOISY and i just can't handle that too well...but it was a lot better than last year!! it was just more fun, and the kids behaved like they should -- and were not told off for being kids!

other than that, class went well tonight...a lot of things i have done in recent classes, so tuesdays are hard to focus sometimes, lol...but i think i will survive -- 3 more weeks to go!!!


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Kirsty Wiseman said...

Hey chick
you ought to make the tree - I should make it law that putting trees back onto the plant from whence they came (ie the paper) is all eco and recycling fuelled crafting fun
Kirsty x