Saturday, November 22, 2008

old people's place

went to a crop today -- it benefited a boy scout den -- it was held at a center for aging (adult day care) -- the bathroom was like being in a ballet studio! loads of bars along the walls, lol...there were not a lot of people who came, but the people who were there made it fun :) there was more than enough food, and there were some vendors there who donated a portion of their profits to the boy scout den as was fun to hang out with cathi & linda -- we talked a lot, but we also all got a lot finished :) 9 12x12 pages and 5 more mini books for the sunshine albums for me! linda finished quite a few pages, and cathi worked on thank you notes all day and finished almost half of them! yay!!

now i am tuckered out and ready for bed...



Nancy said...

Sounds like a great crop, and its nice that some of it goes for doanations. Hope your doing well.

Barb said...

Glad you all had fun.....wish I could have gone.