Saturday, November 01, 2008

long time no blog

been busy and trying to keep the fundraiser for my friend, renee, up at the no blogs lately, but i am going to start blogging regularly again, in fact, i am planning to blog every day this month!!!!

as for my drawing from people who donated to renee -- one entry, one winner!! CONGRATS BARB! we shall determine your prize ;)

i have been doing a lot of cropping lately -- a crop at FKS, the FKS october retreat, a 12-hour crop today...lots of finished projects, so i am a happy scrapper!! today alone i created 6 12x12 pages, 4 Christmas ornaments, and 4 mini books for kids in the hospital :)

other than that, i finished one set of 8 week classes (both were As!) and started another set...these aren't too bad so far, and i will be starting homework tomorrow for one of them...

work has been a lot of long, busy days...this past week was red ribbon week, so it was spirit days every day, and on friday fredbird and louie (the blues mascot) came at lunch was crazy and loud and just a long day...

lots of kids last night for halloween!! i know we had over 30, probably over 40! that is a lot for a neighborhood of 60 homes! we gave out a bunch of candy, but we do still have some left...

the house is a mess, i am pooped, the clothes are dirty...and i am not sure when i will have time to do anything else!

now to go relax a little, then head to bed!


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