Sunday, November 23, 2008

15 weird facts about me

15 weird facts about me -- my friend carolyn tagged me on facebook, so i am answering here ;) i tag all my friends who read my blog -- post a comment if you join in the fun!!

1) my favorite animals are turtles and giraffes.
2) when i was little i would play school and make up worksheets for my dolls.
3) i have eaten beef liver & goose & elk (not at the same time).
4) i have been cursed at in spanish (in spain).
5) i have been called carol & beryl in my lifetime.
6) i have tried spelling becky in many different ways, and i always came back (bekki, beki, beckie, etc).
7) i have used a hole in the ground for a bathroom. i have also paid to use a restroom (and did not pay extra for TP because i had my own with me).
8) i have video taped a how-to-light-a-klunka (water heater) movie.
9) i may not know who sings a song, or the title, but i possibly know all the words.
10) my goal in life was to be a photographer for national geographic.
11) i have painted 2 eggs with traditional ukrainian designs.
12) i LIKE going shopping on black friday.
13) i am horrible at uploading photos off my camera.
14) i frequently lose my watch...then i have to carry my phone so i know what time it is.
15) i can sing silent night (at least in part) in 3 languages...

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