Friday, November 14, 2008

camp is finished...

today was cold & rainy & wet -- what an interesting day for being at camp!!!!

-- no archery (which stinks!) because it would be dangerous to have sharp points and slippery equipment...especially when it is young teens who have never done archery before!

-- team building indoors when the groups i was with really needed the space to run around! the games were fun and the kids had a great time, but outside would have been nice...

-- the kids i work with did awesome at camp! they utilized the strategies they have learned to deal with what the liked & didn't like..

-- buses running late to pick the kids up at the end of camp, but near as late as yesterday when they picked up the other team!!

-- over 3 days: only 2 kids sent home hurt (both ankle injuries) and 1 for misbehavior...pretty good considering there are close to 300 6th graders! 1% is a good rate :)

now to go to bed!


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