Monday, December 19, 2005

running all over this past weekend

man, i am tired of running all over and working all day and just being tired!!

friday i worked my 10 1/2 hours...then i went to dinner with my brother & dad...i had a really weird experience at work -- one of the dad's gave me a 4-pack of beer for my brother, lol, since he gets like 3-4 cases free from his job...and since i don't drink, i gave it to my brother...

saturday i got to sleep in some and then it was laundry and cleaning and i had to run to dierberg's (gift for brother), johnnie brock's (the one in fenton is closing & their stuff is CHEAP! i got party paper goods for a quarter a package!!), target (baby shower gifts), party america (other paper goods for baby shower) & petco (present for meghan's dog)...after all that running i had tickets for "A Christmas Carol" at the Fox -- thank you kezk! -- and my friend renee went with me...this performance was by one of the touring companies that are a part of the Nebraska Theatre Company -- they were AWESOME!! there were a few sound issues (echo-y) but those got fixed...

sunday i had to go pick meghan up from her friend's house before she sang at church...then was practice for saturday & sunday school...after that was a baby shower at church...there were SO many people there (and of course some had NOT signed up)...but it went well & they got a lot of fun things that they really will need in the first few months :)

today is just work and relaxing :)

hapy holidays all!

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