Wednesday, December 21, 2005

12 more hours...

until "winter" break!! woohoo!! i have some hours this afternoon & then my hours tomorrow...

then friday i am FREE! i am planning on sleeping in, going to see a movie and scrapping (which i haven't had a chance to do in ages!)

saturday is the children's service at church, so i have to get meghan there, plus i am playing the tone chimes :) my family and meghan's family are going to eat dinner together after that

sunday might be church, not sure if we will go or not, but we will open presents and my brother will come down & we will all eat dinner together...maybe bob will spend the night so he doesn't have to drive all over the place to come eat with us every night

monday i am off as well :) so more sleep and scrapping!!

have a wonderful day :) i might just be back later :)

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