Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There's 20 Minutes I'll Never Get Back

I just got off the phone from a political survey -- 20 minutes of my life! It was a very through one regarding how I felt about politics in Missouri and the governor election this fall. They asked about presidential election issues, how I felt on candidates involved with both elections, how certain factors would affect my vote, etc. I tend to not do these surveys, and if I had been warned that it would be 20 minutes I may not have this time, but I do like to put my thoughts into the ring when it comes to politics because my mind is made up on who I will vote for and such, but, for being a conservative, I am very much into social issues and they play a huge role in my life. These twists in my thinking make for an interesting blip on the political radar!

1 comment:

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Good for you Becky!

If you voice your opinions, politicians are due to keep some issues in mind when preparing themselves for campaigns.

They were 20 minutes put to good use. :)