Tuesday, August 19, 2008

...and home by 4

after work today i ran a couple errands...first i went to webster and got my student id updated (so it shows that i am enrolled this fall), then i went and got a book from the webster library that i had put on hold...after webster i went to costco and stocked up on some things...and i was still home at 4!! yay!

tomorrow i need to go to get a gift card for a wedding this weekend and (possibly) go to the county library and return some books...it is also church tomorrow night...

other than getting errands done, i am just trying to relax before my classes start next week...

excited about the medals the Americans have been winning (and a little peeved about some of the medals that have been won but not deserved -- if you fall on your hands & knees in gymnastics, do you really deserve a GOLD??)...and a woman from east st. louis won the gold in one of the hurdle events!! that is awesome! hurdling is something i doubt i would ever be able to do -- i can't get my legs that high, lol

have a fun day!

toodles :)

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