Sunday, August 10, 2008

olympics and such

i have been watching some of the olympic games -- i have enjoyed the swimming and watching so many world records get broken! i missed the entire opening ceremony on friday day as i was cropping, but i have seen some clips, heard a ton of praise about it, and am watching parts of it on nbc's olympic website...i love the outfits i have seen so far from the parade of nations, and i would love to see the ukrainian athletes because my dad said their outfits looked like traditional costumes...even without the most gold, at this point team usa has the most overall medals! yay!

other than the olympics, not much is going on with me...i have a headache and just feel kind of sad lately....not sure if it is the start of school, changes that i know are coming at work, being over tired, worry about so many things, missing friends and wondering if/when i will eve see them again, feeling "old" at almost 30...i know it is just a combo of all those things, and i know things will start looking up, but it feels good to just put it in writing...

hugs to all...and more prayers for danielle to keep that baby safe & sound until september!!!


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Mary Jo said...

Old at almost 30?!! (lol)
Girl, wait until you are my age
Seriously, I've found the 30's to be better than my 20's.
I'm a heck of a lot smarter now than I was then :0)

I've missed most of the Olympics so far. Just don't have the time.
But the opening ceremonies looked pretty spectacular from clips I've seen!