Friday, August 01, 2008

august is here!

on the 6th i start back to work! a week later the kids start back, and then i will be tired until the end of may, is already looking like it will be an interesting year! i will be with the same boy i was with last year (now a 7t grader with Down syndrome) for the majority of the day, plus i will have 2 different "classes" - 3 students total - for "life skills"....i think it will be a lot of money and time and job skill type things...

classes for me will start up again in late august -- my last summer class was wednesday and i think i did well :) it was one of the best classes i have taken for my certification, so it was nice for the summer.....certification class wise -- this fall i have taking 4 classes (2 each of the 2 terms) and then i will have 3 to take in the next school year (09-10) i will be doing my practicum & student teaching!!! yay!!!!!! this fall i will be taking my praxis so that i will be all ready :) after i am certified and hired, i will complete my last 4 (i think) classes for my MAT...

before school starts again there is a lot i want to get done, but i don't think i will! i have been working on my classroom at church trying to get things planned and sorted for power hour, it won't all be done before the 6th, but it is a lot closer to being done than it has since i started :) at home i have been boxing up books to donate (7 boxes already), sorting the books i am keeping, and trying to get my scrapbook room in some sort of is going pretty well, but i truly feel like it will never be done!

i went to the library the other day and checked out a bunch of books, now to actually get some of them read!! one is due in less than a week and i haven't even opened it may not get read at all, lol...same with scrapping -- not much has happened lately, but i am signed up for crops the next couple weekends, so i should be able to get some done :)

nothing else very exciting is happening right i guess i shall end with my "toodles" to all of you for now!! and i am going to try and be better about the blogging...i am going to try for one a day this month!!!

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