Monday, August 04, 2008

feelin' hot hot hot!

it was a balmy 95+ today -- with heat indexes hitting at least 115!!

but, i took advantage of the heat, and went to a discounted movie!! wehrenberg theaters lets adults pay the kids' price when the area is in a heat warning (which we are) before 4 pm -- so i saved a buck and went and saw "Journey to the Center of the Earth" which was AWESOME! it had a lot of fun action (nothing gory, etc) and was pretty funny at, brendan fraser is a cutie!! it is a totally kid friendly movie (some scenes might scare some younger kids, but no bad language, sex talk, etc)

i also worked on cleaning up my power hour room some after the movie...and since then i have been working on some scrapbook stuff, namely the baby album for my friend, danielle! i have 14.5 pages done, and 23.5 to go!!! the .5 page -- i have the base done, i need to add the name when i find the letters i want to use :) i will be working on the book this weekend, as well, when i am at a crop friday night...i have the calendar sheets done for each month, now to gussy them up for the book, lol...

not much else happening....tomorrow i am getting up early (to prepare for wednesday and WORK) and will be cleaning and maybe scrapping and going to vote in the state primary and i don't know what else!! trying to stay cool, too! hot temps predicted for tomorrow as well (a repeat of today!) so, who knows, i may just go to another movie!!


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