Saturday, March 01, 2008

what a life i lead!

so it has been a boring week, i keep meaning to post, and then feel like i have nothing to say, so we shall see!!

** Monday: i stayed home sick from work (fever, 'member?), but i did make it to class that night

** Tuesday: work and finishing to modify a ton of tests & study guides

** Wednesday: work and then Mad Science -- I used some powders and water and bleach to make LIGHT in a bottle!! it was very cool! it impressed the kids even more than the dry ice last week!!

** Thursday: work, post office to mail my charms for the swap (see post from a few days back), and then target

** Friday: work, turn in my kit from this past week, CostCo to get food for this weekend's youth retreat at church, and then later i went to the youth retreat! so much fun!

** Saturday: finish retreat, cleaning, laundry, plus my dad & i just got back from taking ALL our recycling in! i am bushed! while the youth were doing rally stuff, i got the food ready and worked on my bulleting boards (power hour and youth group)

i will post tonight or tomorrow (i hope) with photos from last weekend's road trip to quincy!


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