Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let's try this sucker out!

so I just downloaded windows live writer and so far it is pretty easy to use!!  PLUS, what I see is exactly how it will look on my blog (pink background and all!)

since I last posted quite a bit has happened:

Tuesday was a rainy day of errands and going to the dentist...

Wednesday I had a meeting at Webster about my middle school certification -- some of the requirements have changed, but they are all good for me!  I only need to have one area of certification now, not two (so no need for me to take a bunch of social studies classes!), but my favorite change is the fact that I only need ONE math class now, not two!!  Wednesday was also when a cutie named Samantha Olivia was born!

Thursday I got to spend the day with Meghan!  we had fun, even if it was a VERY frustrating day!!  you can read about the frustration here

Friday was church for Good Friday and then I went to the glass olive with some friends (Barb, Kathy, Cathi, et. al.)

I need to get some photos uploaded soon -- Meghan used the digi camera on Thursday and I used FILM!!  I adore using film, so I was happy :)

I have been trying to get some (all) of the homework complete for Scrap ETC -- it is in just a few weeks!!!  I want to have the homework DONE so I can have complete projects whenever possible!  I have enough half baked projects already sitting on a shelf waiting to be finished, I don't need more!!  I have a list of possible photos ready to go (some are taken, some I will just "dig out" of what I already have on the computer, etc), and I want to have all of the photos ready to print by the first weekend in weekend they are doing some question and answer times and blog posts, so that will clear up some of what I might need for homework, etc...

ok, so this is now a super long post, and no photos :(  but it was super easy to do as well!!  I will post more soon :)  and hopefully have photos in that one!


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