Sunday, February 24, 2008


that is how i feel right now -- blah! i have a fever (100.4 at last check), so i have called in to work for tomorrow...hopefully this will be a quick bug and i will feel better soon!!

since my last post:
** i finished all my charms on thursday and they will be mailed this week!
** i had a second snow day on friday
** friday night i was at a crop with my friends and finished 7 pages, and some people got upset because we were having fun and they weren't!
** saturday i road tripped with those same friends to quincy, illinois, to visit a different scrapbook store and make a fun acrylic album! all i need to do is print pictures and my book will be done!
** today i taught power hour and felt like crap...i also have been working on a paper that is due at tomorrow night's class, but if i still have a fever i doubt i will go and she may have to settle for an emailed paper! that also means i would have to create a 5 minute presentation on something with educational psychology, but i don't think that would be too bad...

now i am going to call the teacher i work with and take some tylenol in hopes of beating this fever!!

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T said...

Hope you are feeling better today! I know the feeling. I was down for the count myself this weekend with the flu...fever, and all! Hope you are better today!