Saturday, March 15, 2008

14 down, 34 to go!!

my list is a million miles long (or so it seems) to get done over spring break -- in 2 days i have 14 done :) i have times for quite a few, so it will be nice to get a lot done!!

i have filled 3 bags with trash, so i am already feeling cleansed, lol!!

tomorrow after church i have a few stops to make -- CostCo, the mall, etc etc etc
then monday i will be at home all day working on homework for SE and linguistics
tuesday is a few errands after my dentist's appointment
wednesday is a meeting about what classes i need, etc with webster
thursday is my FUN DAY with meghan!! yay!
friday is church and then a girl's night out :)

what a week! but i do plan on getting a lot done!!


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