Sunday, April 23, 2006

job search

Please keep me in your prayers, friends. I have started a job search. I have emailed my resume to a few places, but I am not sure if they are what I want or not.

I think I have found a really cool opportunity...I had found a website that lists non-profit job opportunities -- -- this site lead me to another site for an AmeriCorp group in Cape Cod -- -- I have requested additional information. I am also downloading their application already to start the process. It is not a huge paying job, but I think it is an awesome opportunity! The do huge amounts of wor in education, environmental issues, disaster preparedness and community outreach in the Cape Cod area. It would be hard to move away from St. Louis, but I think I would enjoy it if I were able to go. I wanna go!!! This would also be a position where I would be able to visit with my dad's family more (not all the time, but more than I am used to since they are in Maine and I would be in Massachusetts).

So, should I go for it?? I think I have a lot of qualities they are looking for -- I love helping, I have an education, I have experience, I learn quickly, I can do it all! LOL



Christi Snow said...

Good luck, Becky!!! It sounds like a good opportunity!

Mary Jo said...

Becky, I always say follow your dreams. It sounds as if you really want this!
I would miss you here though :0) but think all the experiences would be wonderful!!!

Mrs. Mau said...

i agree, becky. follow your heart. and good luck!

Wanda E. Santiago said...

Hey I say go for it! Hugs Wanda