Friday, April 28, 2006

friday friday!!

i am ready for a nice relaxing weekend!! woohoo!!

tonight i get to dress up like winnie-the-pooh and hand out hundreds of balloons at a family event at work :) i do this every year and it is a lot of fun

this weekend is a weekend with NOTHING planned other than church/sunday school on sunday!!!! i hope to go to a movie, though -- i want to see Akeela and the Bee -- it looks so cute!

have a fun weekend & i will try and post :)


Mary Jo said...

Is it Spring Fling time, Becky? :)
Do they still do that? Have fun!!
And congrats on winning BINGO at the cybercrop last night :)

Wanda E. Santiago said...

Hey have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs Wanda

Anonymous said...

Winnie the Pooh huh? That sounds fun! Have a great weekend!