Thursday, March 16, 2006

top ten

inspired by julia!

some of my top ten things in life...

1) my family

2) my friends

3) meghan & her family

4) chocolate

5) Cardinal's baseball

6) CROC'S!!!

7) Harry Potter

8) shopping -- Target, For Keeps Sake, Cropper's Cottage, just about anywhere!!

9) walking for a cause --
The Diabetes Walk is coming up in May!!!!!

10) being a part of one of the best design teams in the world!!


Julia said...

Excellent list Becky! I second that on Harry Potter! We should add an 11th for HP movies too..the best!!!!!!

Mary Jo said...

Becky - is that Mary Beth Miller on your blog!!!! I taught her two sons at AL ECE. Would you tell her I said hi!! Oh by the way you've been tagged ;)

Danielle said...

I am all for the crocs bought me my first pair a week ago and I can't get enough of them! 1st time ever I don't have stinky feet a the end of a long!